One Place in the Cloud to Run Your Supply Chain

Running today’s supply chains requires a new paradigm, one that extends what ERP has done for a company within its four walls to the new reality of the multi-enterprise supply chain and adds the agility and responsiveness that ERPs are missing. E2open represents a new class of solutions that uniquely address the new business order.

At its core, the E2open network allows companies to securely work together with other companies in real time to coordinate supply chain activities. The E2open network has been specifically designed for companies that either manage or participate in distributed supply chains which require collaboration among numerous entities across disparate geographies.

By synchronizing and tying together all the different information streams, E2open’s solutions leverage automated algorithms and advanced machine learning to drive supply chain processes and within enterprises and across external trading partners.

Harmony, E2open’s common user experience, extends across all solution offerings and provides integrated workflows, dashboards, and analytics for efficient decision-making and increased user productivity.