More Powerful and More Integrated Analytics and Visualization Capabilities

In addition to the visualization capabilities already included in the individual E2open solutions, E2open offers analytics and visualization solutions that provide more powerful and more integrated capabilities.

Reporting solutions including standard, ad-hoc, and subscription-based operational reporting that can be tailored to meet the needs of all supply chain functions. Tools to graphically analyze your supply chain and assess the impact of various decisions. Information captured through the E2open network. It is integrated across the different E2open solutions.
Out-of-the-box, best-practice KPI reports for multi-enterprise business processes, giving companies continuous performance monitoring and improvement along the entire supply chain. Dashboards providing a near real-time view into what is happening within the supply chain, with drill-down capabilities and alerts to identify potential operational issues as they occur. Access allows a given user to only view the data relevant for his/her particular role.

Companies use the E2open analytics and visualization solutions to create their supply chain control tower, leveraging all the rich information for the end-to-end supply chain to create a true supply chain cockpit - helping them identify and solve problems as they arise.