Today’s supply chains are driven not only to achieve relentless efficiency improvements, but to ever-increasing standards of product safety, quality, and traceability.

Whether in aerospace & defense, automotive, pharma, food processing, semiconductor, or consumer electronics, the ability to understand the genealogy of the component parts through the manufacturing and distribution process is now a firm requirement.   

For the supply chain organization, this means quality and traceability need to be built into processes and tools. The challenge is how to ensure compliance when external parties are involved – not only suppliers but also contract manufacturers or co-packers, when critical manufacturing activities have been outsourced to them. 

Working with leading companies in these highly exposed industries, E2open has designed solutions that address these issues.

When external manufacturing partners are involved, E2open’s Manufacturing Visibility solution connects to the outside plants’ manufacturing execution systems (MES) to capture relevant manufacturing data at all stages of production. This provides the contracting company very granular factory transaction visibility to track material flows, processing steps, and associated parameters such as yields or test results. Furthermore, with E2open’s Contract Compliance solution, companies can use this granular process information to calculate and/or validate the manufacturing partner’s invoice. E2open’s Batch & Lot Traceability solution provides the ability to store and retrieve the batch and lot information for work-in-process or finished goods. When linked with the information about the order it relates to, this supports recall processes, helping companies comply with safety regulations. E2open’s Supplier Collaboration solution also supports Quality Collaboration. In addition to the typical procurement information, other information or documents can be exchanged such as serial numbers, test results, required certifications, etc. In addition, non-conformance exceptions with suppliers can be detected, documented, and managed within the solution.

E2open customers operating in regulated industries or where critical manufacturing operations are outsourced benefit from E2open’s quality and traceability capabilities. These solutions enable deep visibility into the production process and the associated quality information, helping reduce legal exposure and better manage quality across the whole value chain.