E2open’s customers are leveraging sensing and planning solutions to intelligently and quickly respond to changes at any level of their multi-enterprise supply chain.

Agility and responsiveness in demand and supply chain planning with integrated execution is a crucial building block for achieving competitive differentiation, higher customer satisfaction, shorter time-to-market, and better profitability. Yet traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) and advanced planning systems (APS) do not consider the up-to-date information from the extended trading network that is necessary to create a feasible plan – one that considers both business priorities and updated supply chain constraints. Traditional planning systems also lack fast problem resolution, scenario, and decision support capabilities to manage trade-offs and iterate through multiple alternative what-if scenarios to promote the best version to execute.  

Also, traditional demand planning approaches cannot leverage the many kinds of signals available today to better sense and anticipate what customers will order.  

Finally, all too often with stand-alone advanced planning solutions, planning is not closely tied to the execution functions, resulting in a significant delay between the decisions and their execution. As a result, wrong instructions are still sent to the suppliers or factories and wrong products are still shipped out.

E2open’s Sensing and Planning solutions were purpose-built to overcome these challenges with an integrated product suite to unlock immediate business benefits.

Confidently navigate volatile markets with accurate forecasts that reflect current market realities. Demand Sensing monitors daily demand signals from across the value chain and decreases forecast error up to 40%. This complements existing demand planning solutions to create an agile demand-driven supply chain. Demand Sensing has helped many of the world’s largest consumer products companies – including Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Kraft Foods – significantly cut forecast error and inventory. E2open’s Demand Planning solution extends proven pattern recognition algorithms and automation technology to fundamentally improve long-term planning. These new techniques go beyond traditional time-series analysis to create more robust and reliable statistical forecasts. This gives planners a better baseline that requires fewer adjustments, especially for hard to forecast activities like new products introductions and promotional events. Automating manual tasks and streamlining processes within a single system further improves planner productivity, reduces time-consuming imports from external spreadsheets and frees planners to focus on more strategic areas. Powerful “what-if” scenario management and demand shaping capabilities allow planners to evaluate the impacts of potential changes before committing to production. Key for a company to respond to changes in the demand and supply picture is the ability to integrate all the up-to-date supply chain data from suppliers to customers in a complete end-to-end plan. E2open’s Supply Planning solution is designed to be a scenario planning/what-if analysis application, allowing planners to evaluate the impact of new information, be it a supply disruption or an unexpected order, and easily compare alternative plans. Beyond these simulation capabilities, E2open Supply Planning uses advanced algorithms and patented rich demand prioritization logic to compute the best demand/supply plan given the company’s objectives. These automated constrained-based planning capabilities give planners a best feasible plan to start with, as opposed to looking for a solution by manually running multiple simulations. As the volume, variety, and velocity of demand data grows, so does the need for a solution to store, manage, and synchronize all of that data for use in analytics and other systems. E2open’s Demand Signal Repository (DSR) solution allows companies to capture, cleanse, and synchronize retailer, distributor, syndicate, and operational data along with other information such as weather, geo-demographic or loyalty data. E2open’s Retail Insight solution leverages this consolidated data and provides analyses and insights for specific accounts, or across segments, retailers, and markets. Leveraging E2open expertise, the solution comes pre-built content for sales, category managers and supply chain.

E2open’s customers are leveraging sensing and planning solutions to intelligently and quickly respond to changes at any level of their multi-enterprise supply chain, helping them become more responsive and demand-driven.