E2open recognizes that supply chains have three distinct flows: physical, digital, and financial.

By linking financial flows to the rest of the multi-enterprise supply chain, our Supply Chain Finance solutions ensure that customers can monitor spending, ensure supplier costs are correct, and close the loop on the procure-to-pay lifecycle. 

By managing the lifecycle of an order, E2open solutions can provide complete order visibility. E2open’s eInvoicing solution adds the ability to generate an electronic invoice which is fully validated, electronically signed, archived, and compliant in over 50 countries based on country-specific legal and financial standards. E2open’s eInvoicing solution allows a complete paperless workflow that fulfills tax and legal auditing requirements. In some industries such as semiconductors, the cost of the contract manufacturer’s services is calculated by factoring all the sub-operations that have been performed. E2open’s Contract Compliance solution leverages all the detailed manufacturing data at all of the stages of production to calculate/validate the invoice, typically saving companies weeks of mostly manual work.

By leveraging its network and existing solutions, E2open will continue to innovate to help companies better manage the financial aspects of their multi-enterprise supply chains.