E2open’s multi-enterprise software for supply processes allows enterprises to better manage their supply and manufacturing/assembly operations.

The Supply Management solutions provide visibility, control, and collaborative capabilities across all buy-side processes, enabling companies to anticipate and respond to shifting market requirements and align operations across global supply networks. Supply Management is designed to integrate and automate key supply chain processes from planning to execution – successfully transforming supply chain operations into a competitive advantage. 

The Supply Management process typically starts with sharing forecasts and commitments. Over time, these get adjusted as new information is available. Eventually these become actual orders that need to be managed and tracked throughout their lifecycle. Inventories, with their role as supply chain buffers, also need to be managed. The challenge is that these activities require working closely with multiple parties: not only with their own factories but also with all the other supply chain partners involved, such as suppliers, subcontractors, co-packers, logistics providers, etc. Supporting these supply chain activities in a multi-enterprise set-up is at the core of E2open’s capabilities. Leveraging the E2open network that connects all the trading partners, E2open provides a complete suite of supply management solutions.

E2open’s Forecast Collaboration solution facilitates the material and capacity forecast and commit process between the customer and all suppliers, allowing them to collaborate until an agreement is found. At some point in time, these forecasts become the real orders that can be tracked in the Supplier Collaboration solution. For companies who want to make their procurement processes less manual and error-prone, E2open’s Supplier Collaboration solution enables a streamlined and electronic execution of the procure-to-pay process. The solution covers shipments, receipts, and invoices to drive the process end-to-end. The E2open solution moves transactions between the customer and supplier, proactively flags business exceptions, and alerts the customer and supplier of those exceptions. A dedicated Supplier Issue Management solution supports the collaborative resolution of these exceptions. E2open’s Inventory Collaboration solution helps provide visibility of inventory, regardless of where it is physically stored and who is actually managing it. This gives all trading partners a real-time, end-to-end, and shared view of inventory – both current as well as projected.
In many industries, companies require their suppliers to support replenishment models. To make things more complicated, these vendor-managed inventories might be physically handled by third party logistics providers. E2open has an Inbound VMI solution that can support a wide range of replenishment models – covering all processes from the inventory visibility, the replenishment logic, to the associated procure-to-pay processes across all the companies involved. For companies that have a number of subsidiaries and want to take advantage of the financial benefits of a centralized procurement organization, E2open’s Buy/Sell Order Management solution uniquely enables the three-way procure-to-pay flows between suppliers, subsidiaries, and the central procurement organization. Leveraging the E2open network, the E2open Logistics Visibility solution allows companies to effectively monitor all inbound material movements across logistics nodes and control points, so companies can track actual lead times as well as quickly identify potential delays.

E2open’s customers are leveraging the E2open supply management solutions to intelligently manage the supply side of their supply chain. These solutions build upon the E2open network to provide the required visibility and collaboration across all the suppliers, contract manufacturers, 3PLs, etc. in a multi-enterprise supply chain.