Visibility: supply chain managers crave it, suppliers struggle to provide it, and IT strives to define it.

Visibility Solutions

The concept of supply chain visibility has been promoted for years, and many software providers claim to deliver “visibility.”  End-to-end visibility across the multi-echelon supply chain is a foundation and critical capability for becoming demand-driven.  However, true visibility cannot be achieved without a network to connect trading partners, a common data model to make sense of the data, and a collaboration platform to communicate changes across the network.  

E2open’s Cloud Connectivity solution is the cloud-based network that connects all trading partners, allowing companies to exchange information. But exchanging information alone is of limited business value. The information needs to be translated, synchronized, and put into context before it can really be useful. E2open’s Visibility and Collaboration solutions provide true, supply chain end-to-end visibility through the following capabilities:

Visibility Solutions
Using data validation, transformation, and enrichment, this key operation gives meaning and context to the individual data elements – for example converting a supplier’s part number into the one used by manufacturing. This critical capability breaks the data silos of the different partners’ systems, helping create a kind of “virtual single instance” of supply chain data for all companies.

E2open’s canonical, common data model for the supply chain, based on the OAGIS industry standard, serves as the basis for E2open’s solution suites. The visibility foundation layer provides a multi-enterprise view of forecasts, capacity, inventory, orders, and logistics data. This provides a coherent, end-to-end view across all steps of the supply chain that are relevant for a given company:

  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing, assembly, and packaging – both internal and external
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Fulfillment
  • Returns

Finally, the information needs to be analyzed, filtering out, for example, exceptions that require further processing – either by a planner or automatically.

  • E2open’s application monitors supply chain transactions in real-time and triggers alerts and exception workflows as required
  • User-defined roles allow visibility and alerts only for the data relevant for a particular role at a particular company
  • E2open’s solution manages the multi-enterprise collaboration that supports the business interactions between the different trading partners, routing both directions the information as required by the business, like an ERP system but for the entire supply chain

With E2open’s Visibility and Collaboration solutions, companies have a complete, end-to-end picture of the current status of the supply chain, and are able to act upon it.