Virtual Supply Chain Summit

16th, 17th, 18th of July 2020

The Supply Chain Virtual Summit hosted by Alcott Global* is set to bring together Supply Chain Management Leaders and Innovators, from six regions, who will address in keynotes and panels key global approaches, as well as regional specific strategies for recovery from Covid-19.

Michael Farlekas
President & CEO

Driving the Future in the Era of Accelerated Uncertainty
July 18, 2020

Are you prepared to disrupt? The coming decade will be markedly different than anything we have seen in the last 40 years. World uncertainty is at an all-time high with economic, political and climate turbulence; the pace of technological change is unprecedented; and existential events abound. While it’s hard to tell just what will happen, one thing is for sure – the playing field is shifting and there will be big winners and losers. Learn how to be the driver and look future forward vs managing your supply chain through the rear-view mirror.

Managing Risk and Disruption in Supply Chain
July 16, 2020

In this panel we will focus our discussion on the following topics:
– Given the digital acceleration due to COVID19, how to set expectations of minimum standards within your business, systemizing security & – closing gaps where vulnerabilities appear?
– Critically evaluate how ‘tariff proof’ your supply chain really is to fully understand your exposure to geopolitical uncertainty and get to grips with the big picture
– What data are you now expecting from your supply chain partners that you didn’t request before
– How to balance resilience in supply chain with the need for cost optimization? Or do we look at this the wrong way?
– What is one skill that supply chain executives need to have to navigate future crises?

Michael Farlekas

Michael Farlekas
President & CEO

Tony Lugg

Tony Lugg
TAPA (Transportation Asset Protection Association)

Fabrice Thomas

Fabrice Thomas
VP & General Manager Global Supply Chain
Agilent Technologies

*Alcott Global provides Executive Search solutions for the world’s top companies in eCommerce, supply chain, logistics and tech in transportation.


Visibility For All™ with Michael Farlekas President and CEO of E2open

Podcast Visibility For All

Podcast Highlights:

  • Why does E2open have over 240k trading partners
  • Connecting multiple applications to create one process across the end-to-end supply chain
  • Manufacturers over the past 40 years have transformed themselves into brand owners
  • Value add business versus data providing business
  • Building long-term roadmaps for clients – from business release 1 to 40
  • Growing the business 5x since 2015
  • E2open’s hiring and promotion principles

Download as an MP3 here.