State of the Nation for Planning – Key Findings from E2open’s 2019 Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark Study


What does best-in-class forecasting look like?

Join John Lash, Vice President of Product Marketing at E2open, to hear the latest findings from this year’s Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark Study. The ninth annual study encompasses over $250 billion in annual sales from global manufacturers across industries and provides in-depth analysis of the state of demand forecasting, inventory management and (new for this year) supply performance in North America.

Take the next step towards planning excellence and gain key insights on top of mind questions like:

  • How much do growth through innovation strategies actually drive sales and how do you catch the upside without the pitfalls?
  • Can real-time data and artificial intelligence really create better forecasts and just how much better are they?
  • How do industry leaders make inventory work harder and what does this mean for you?


John Lash

John Lash
Vice President, Product Marketing

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