I’m in Supply Chain Management. How Can E2open Help Me?

What issues are you tackling today?

As a supply chain professional, your ultimate goal is to align demand with available supply consistently—and also make sure you finish the year under budget. Certainly no small feat! To move your organization in this direction, you require the right combination of strategy, execution, and solid technologies.

At E2open, we provide the technology that powers some of the most profitable supply chains in the world, including Avnet, Celestica, Cisco, HP, IBM, Lenovo, L'Oréal, Motorola Solutions, NVIDIA, Seagate, and Vodafone. Read on to learn how E2open tackles some of your most pressing challenges.

I’m outsourcing to cut costs, but don’t like sacrificing control of my external operations.

Today’s industry leaders are increasingly using outsourcing as a key strategy for driving lower costs, reducing capital assets, and getting products to market more efficiently than the competition. Outsourcing, however, does have its drawbacks, including significantly less visibility and control over the manufacturing process—ultimately resulting in increased supply chain risk. New sources of supply chain risk include poor purchasing cost management, reduced supply assurance, poor supplier performance, and increased data latency and manual errors.

How E2open can help

By leveraging E2open’s B2B and Outsourced Partner Network solutions and services, your company is able to capitalize on the many benefits of outsourcing while mitigating associated supply chain risks. E2open’s cloud-based platform supports integration of 100 percent of trading partners—regardless of their technical sophistication—and enables you to manage and automate multi-enterprise processes, including order and inventory management, supply and demand planning, and logistics visibility, among others. In this way, your company gains real-time, end-to-end visibility and control across all trading partner operations, and can respond to potential disruptions as they occur, improving supply chain performance and preventing lost sales.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Gain end-to-end, actionable visibility and control across multiple tiers
  • Automate and streamline supply chain processes across multiple tiers
  • Reduce shortages and stockouts
  • Reduce shipment expedites
  • Increase volume rebates from suppliers

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It seems impossible to manage so many trading partners effectively!

Today’s global companies rely on hundreds—even thousands—of external trading partners to source, manufacture, package, and distribute their end products to market. For a typical company, the volume of interactions has increased from a few transactions a week to hundreds of transactions daily—including time-sensitive information on demand forecasts, product specifications, and change notifications. And yet, many companies today remain unable to connect with their second- and third-tier partners, and simply don’t have the functionality necessary to maintain open, collaborative relationships with the partners they interact with directly.

How E2open can help

As a larger share of information for making daily operational decisions comes from outside the company, transparent and timely information exchange with suppliers and customers is quickly becoming the basis for competitive advantage. This means that developing and nurturing reciprocal partner relationships is more strategically important than ever. 

E2open not only provides you with the multi-enterprise platform you need to exchange data in real time, but also the services necessary to onboard multiple tiers of partners rapidly, regardless of technical sophistication. We or our highly qualified partners will connect your partners, manage the network infrastructure, and handle all changes to those connections over time as your business or your trading network evolves. 

You get one pipe from E2open along with integration to enterprise resource planning (ERP), planning, and product life cycle (PLM) systems. Once integrated, you and your trading partners can leverage E2open’s supply chain applications to conduct automated, intelligent business processes to deliver goods to market more effectively—and profitably.

Find out how E2open can help your organization:

  • Connect electronically to multiple tiers of trading partners
  • Monitor external operations and measure supplier performance
  • More closely align standards and goals across all partners

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I can’t align supply with demand consistently.

To communicate demand forecasts with their trading partners, many companies continue to use manual, paper-based processes such as Excel spreadsheets, emails, faxes, and phone calls. This unstructured, disconnected method of communication often leads to errors and data latency, making it difficult to get an accurate, comprehensive picture of the demand-supply situation. Due to constant fluctuations in demand, supply and demand rarely meet up in a manually orchestrated supply chain. The result is excess inventory when supply exceeds demand, and lost revenues when supply is less than demand.

How E2open can help

E2open can help by giving you the keys to effective alignment of demand and supply:

  • Timely and accurate information exchange across internal and external parties: E2open provides a cloud-based, collaborative platform that enables you to integrate quickly and easily with 100 percent of trading partners, from multiple tiers of suppliers to logistics providers and distributors. This means all parties have access to a common view of the demand picture and can exchange data and respond to demand changes as they occur—reducing stockouts and surpluses, and ensuring all partners are working together towards a common goal.
  • Automated business process execution: E2open also provides automated supply chain applications to facilitate seamless, intelligent business processes for improved order, inventory, and logistics management. All E2open applications enable management-by-exception capabilities, flagging supply chain disruptions automatically so they can be corrected quickly to prevent lost sales.
  • Consistent performance management of all external partners: Finally, E2open enables you to continually monitor and scorecard the performance of your suppliers—motivating your suppliers to adhere to performance standards and allowing you to quickly identify and eliminate suppliers that aren’t holding up their end of the bargain.

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