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  • Harmony®

    Harmony® is E2open’s collaborative supply chain platform, offering a modern and intuitive user experience that optimizes efficiencies and breaks down traditional silos. Harmony utilizes robust data integration to extend across all the E2open supply chain intelligent applications. All users across the end-to-end business ecosystem can seamlessly connect, visualize, plan and execute supply chain and channel operations in a closed-loop, collaborative manner using real-time information.

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    • Harmony. Your Business – Networked, Harmonized, Optimized. Live.

      Harmony enables our customers to extract maximum value from the sophisticated connectivity and powerful applications we provide.

  • Intelligent Applications

    Running a modern supply chain requires a new paradigm, one that extends past what enterprise resource planning has done for companies to date. This new reality of the multi-enterprise supply chain adds the agility and responsiveness that was missing. E2open represents a new class of intelligent applications that uniquely address the new business order.

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    • Overview

      Channel Shaping Intelligent Application Suite

      Unlock the potential of all your channels with a complete 360-degree view of retail, distribution and online at your fingertips — right down to the consumer.

    • Overview

      Demand Sensing Intelligent Application Suite

      Traditional planning techniques were developed decades ago when there were fewer channels and less complexity – isn’t it time to modernize your data?

    • Overview

      Business Planning Intelligent Application Suite

      Take the next step to better plan your business. Wherever you are in your supply chain journey, E2open’s strategic platform has the breadth to meet your immediate needs and the depth to grow with you.

    • Overview

      Global Trade & Logistics Intelligent Application Suite

      One place to plan, manage and automate all your global trade and logistics needs – from door to door across land, ocean and air – and navigate a world of shifting export, import and trade agreements.

    • Overview

      Collaborative Manufacturing Intelligent Application Suite

      What would it mean to your business if all quality data from your manufacturing ecosystem was automatically updated and available in one place in the cloud?

    • Overview

      Supply Management Intelligent Application Suite

      Imagine streamlined collaboration with your immediate suppliers and contract manufacturers — and their suppliers too — across every tier of supply.

    • Overview

      Network Orchestration Intelligent Application Suite

      Break down silos with a unique class of intelligent applications that understand how events in one part of the supply chain impacts the entire value chain, across all business functions, departments and ecosystem partners.

    • Channel Shaping

    • Demand Sensing

    • Business Planning

    • Global Trade & Logistics

    • Collaborative Manufacturing

    • Supply Management

    • Network Orchestration

  • E2NET – Trading Partner Network

    E2open’s trading partner network, also known as E2net, is the industry-leading business network. More than 70,000 partner companies and 200,000 users—including many of the biggest brands and manufacturers across a range of industries—use the E2open network and platform to orchestrate their supply chains, creating efficiencies measured in the billions.

    E2net was specifically designed for companies that either manage distributed supply chains or participate in them. A cloud-based, integrated connectivity platform, E2net simplifies and enables electronic integration between tenants and supply chain partners such as manufacturers, contractors, shippers, transportation carriers and logistics service providers. E2open customers rely on E2net to deliver real-time messaging so they can respond quickly to change.

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  • Physical Supply Chain

    A company’s physical supply chain consists of the complex global, multi-partner network of suppliers, subcontractors, third party logistics (3PL) providers, distributors, retailers and warehouses that has built up over time. Goods flow from supply to consumer, with critical information housed in disparate transactional, financial and executional systems. Some companies still run their physical supply chain with spreadsheets using manual processes.

    Multi-enterprise connectivity through E2open automates the collection of data across the supply chain. E2open’s digital twin sets up a digital abstraction layer representing the end-to-end physical supply chain and continuously updates it with information from underlying systems. A transparent view of the truth lets companies collaborate instantly, balancing supply and demand in real time without manual effort.

  • Supply Chain Digital Twin

    E2open’s platform architecture includes a real-time digital twin of the physical supply chain. This pairing of the digital and physical worlds allows for improved monitoring and analysis. Imagine preventing problems before they even occur, developing new prospects, and forecasting with real-time data.


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