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To help companies select the right partner, the IDC MarketScape examined the demand planning vendor landscape with respect to capabilities and strategies. E2open was named a Leader.

Get your complimentary excerpt copy of the IDC MarketScape to assess the capabilities and business strategies of E2open in the demand planning market.

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  • Optimizing Your Logistics Operations

Optimizing Your Logistics Operations

When delivery windows are tight, even minor missteps and miscalculations can have major consequences. E2open’s multimodal logistics applications provide a range [...]

  • Your Supply Chain Unchained

Your Supply Chain, Unchained

It’s time to unlock agility, intelligence and transparency. Learn firsthand from President and CEO Michael Farlekas how E2open is reinventing supply [...]

  • E2open Demand Sensing Application

E2open Demand Sensing Application

E2open's Demand Sensing application is a next-generation forecasting technology invented by E2open in 2002, it analyzes current demand signals such as [...]

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Solution Briefs

  • E2open Global Knowledge Solution Brief

E2open Global Knowledge Solution Brief

August 6, 2019|

E2open's Global Trade & Logistics applications leverage Global Knowledge®, the industry's most comprehensive database of government regulations and international business rules. Global [...]

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  • Trends in Sales & Operations Planning

Trends in Sales & Operations Planning

October 16, 2018|

Gain insight into the state of sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes and the ambitious goals shared by numerous companies. This infographic [...]

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  • eBook: 2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study

2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study

September 19, 2018|

Now in its seventh year, this remains the most comprehensive study of demand planning performance, encompassing $250 billion in annual [...]

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