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Seagate Builds Supply Chain Driven by Customer Demand

As the largest global supplier of hard disk drives, Seagate competes in a market in which next- generation products arrive quickly, and are without fail cheaper and more powerful. In such a hypercompetitive business, where short product shelf life is the rule, manufacturing and supply chain processes must be accurate, lean and flexible.

Avon & E2open
Avon Calls on E2open for Better Supply Chain Performance

New York, N.Y.-based Avon, a $10 billion company for women, is a leading global beauty company with tens of thousands of different products. Managing inventory is a challenge in its highly complex business model that balances very short windows in which to fulfill demand and many SKUs. As Avon’s growth continued across multiple markets, the need for an overview of the extended supply chain became evident. To address these needs, Avon engaged E2open to develop a supply chain solution specifically for its unique business model, branded by the company as “Connect2Avon.”

The system enables collaborative planning and execution processes between Avon and its suppliers, and it has provided Avon with complete visibility of material availability and constraints across its total supply chain. This visibility gives Avon earlier insight into the nature and location of potential disruptions and challenges, along with the ability to resolve those issues faster and more effectively by working collaboratively with partners across the supply chain. 

Additional benefits of Connect2Avon include: 

  • Reduced risk
  • Increased service levels
  • Lower inventory
  • More cost-effective sourcing
  • Faster and more informed decision support
Raytheon Streamlines and Automates its Material Requirement Planning Processes with Exostar’s Supply Chain Platform

Learn about how Raytheon shifted away from siloed, manual processes to improve its material requirement planning (MRP) approach using Exostar’s Supply Chain Platform powered by E2open software.

Radisys & E2open
Radisys: Confidence in Customer Commits

The complex challenge of balancing business priorities, assembly coordination, and changing demands made it difficult for Radisys to utilize its inventory more efficiently. By partnering with E2open, Radisys was able to optimize profitability through better planning and scenario analysis. As a result, Radisys was able to address their global supply chain challenges and enable accelerated response to their customers – and commit with confidence.

“By implementing E2open, Radisys now has visibility into finance, sales, and operations simultaneously. We’re able to match supply and demand and give a commitment not only to our financial community, but also to our chief executive officer and chief financial officer, by demonstrating what we can support from a revenue perspective.”

Vodafone & E2open
Vodafone Leverages Economies of Scale and Scope Across Its Global Trading Network

With more than 50 partner markets and operating companies in 30 different countries—in addition to a string of strategic mergers and acquisitions—Vodafone faced tremendous complexity across both internal and external operations. Vodafone partnered with E2open to design and build a strategic solution for seamless information sharing, process management, and exception handling. By shifting from siloed operations to a consolidated platform, Vodafone has been able to work collaboratively across operating companies and trading partners to make the best possible decisions based on the most accurate, complete information available.

L’Oréal Talks: Supply Chain Transformation with Collaborative Execution

Take a multimedia deep-dive into the supply chain strategies and operations of the world's leading beauty company, L'Oréal. This new interactive case study features video footage from a recent interview between world-renowned supply chain expert Kevin O'Marah and L'Oréal's Corporate Supply Chain Standards & Audits Director Richard Markoff. In his own words, Markoff shares top challenges, lessons learned, and future objectives of L'Oréal's industry-leading global supply chain program. 

Discover how L'Oréal drives bottom-line value through these four key strategies:

  • Extending the value of current ERP investments
  • Leveraging the scale and scope of the cloud
  • Facilitating real-time collaboration across the global network
  • Developing a core competency in collaborative execution

Please note: This interactive PDF includes video. It requires an Internet connection and is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat or Internet Explorer.

Motorola Solutions & E2open
Motorola Solutions Customer-Driven Trading Network Enables Collaborative Execution and Speed to Resolution

Following the separation of Motorola Mobility Holdings from Motorola, Inc. in 2011, the newly-dubbed Motorola Solutions had record government orders for two-way radios and other public safety communications equipment in 2012. In this case study, learn how Motorola Solutions created a new customer-driven trading network of more than 1,200 partners and realized significant business improvements, including more on-time deliveries, fewer parts shortages, reduced response times, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction.

Lenovo & E2open
Collaboration in the Cloud: How Lenovo is Teaming with E2open to Improve Global Supply Chain Execution

The broad challenge for Lenovo and its global supply chain organization was to design and build a worldwide IT platform that would enable the transition from its legacy systems as quickly as possible, with minimal business disruption. Coupled with the over-arching supply chain strategies to drive business innovation, operational excellence, and unparalleled customer experience, the new platform required improved visibility, efficiency, and responsiveness to manage its growing trading network.

Cisco & E2open
Cisco Enables Economies of Scale and Superior Partner Experience through Standards-based B2B Integration

With a reputation for excellent customer service and innovative product and service offerings, Cisco wanted a scalable, reliable solution that would not require additional internal resources or investments. By leveraging E2open’s B2B integration solution, Cisco has been able to integrate electronically with over 100 key suppliers and partners. Trading partners can integrate with Cisco by leveraging standards-based models, making it easier to do business with Cisco. Once onboarded, Cisco and its partners are able to exchange data and conduct business in near real time, reducing supply/demand discrepancies and overall supply chain risk.

Aberdeen Group
Avon: Delivering Service in a High-Volatility Business

This is a copy of the presentation given by Neil Hampshire, VP, IT, Global Business Units and Business Support Functions at Avon Products, at the 2011 Aberdeen Supply Chain Management Summit in Chicago. Mr. Hampshire discusses Avon's business complexity and its Connect-2-Avon solution, the company's approach to supplier collaboration and integration.

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