Streamline Global Parcel Operations for Efficiency and Cost Savings

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Covetrus and e2open collaborate for parcel shipment optimization, execution, end-to-end visibility and analytics

Covetrus is a leading global provider of animal health technology and services, operating in a highly competitive market where demand constantly increases. The e-commerce division of its Prescription Management department was facing many challenges, including inefficient carrier selection, manual processes, parcel delivery delays, and a lack of visibility.

The company needed parcel management software to handle its existing shipping activities and expand into new markets. By leveraging the e2open Global Parcel solution, Covetrus could connect with over 200 carriers worldwide via a single interface on a cloud-based platform. The solution’s business intelligence capabilities enabled monitoring and managing exceptions, tracking shipments in real-time, generating automated reports, and providing analytics to support proactive decision-making.

Read our case study to learn how Covetrus achieved cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency in its parcel operations.

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