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Welcome to the E2open Blog, an interactive forum where the E2open community can exchange ideas about the latest trends, technologies, and topics of contention in the supply chain world. Here's where we share relevant news, useful insights, industry best practices, and lessons learned in the field—and we welcome your feedback and participation. Comment, ask questions, make recommendations, and collaborate with us to solve today’s most pressing supply chain challenges.

Gordon Fischer, Vice President, Product Solutions, Research & Development
Thursday 10 March 2016

As globalization and outsourcing have extended supply chains, critical information has begun to exist more and more outside of the four walls of a single enterprise, increasing the importance of getting access to timely and accurate data from your partners. 

Patrick Lemoine, Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open
Monday 22 February 2016
Four ways leading companies use visibility data to make their supply chains better

Ask yourself: what is “supply chain visibility?” If, like most, you think it is simply about knowing where your shipments are, then you should keep reading. 

Steve Lykken, Vice President of Customer Solutions
Wednesday 20 January 2016
Three Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Multi-Tier Value Chain

As you might know, the need to manage a multi-tier value chain (e.g., OEM, outsourced manufacturers, suppliers, third-party logistics providers, etc.) isn’t just becoming more common, but the management itself is also becoming more complex. In order to evaluate the performance of your multi-tier supply chain, ask yourself these three questions.

Tariq Choudry, Vice President, Americas, Field Operations, E2open
Wednesday 9 December 2015
3 Steps to Help Your Supply Fit Your Demand

The apparel industry’s seasonality makes it difficult to forecast accurately, while new product introductions and the globalization of apparel supply chains further exacerbate the negative effects of forecast inaccuracies. This creates a big challenge for companies trying to align demand and supply. With constant change and no actionable data it can feel a lot like throwing darts at a board. Does this sound familiar to you? 

Kevin O'Marah, Chief Content Officer, SCM World
Friday 30 October 2015
Apple’s Greatness and the Paradox of Agility

How do brands balance the need for standardization in the supply chain while still maintaining agility? SCM World's Kevin O'Marah delves into the the example of Apple, and the digital supply chain.

Geoff Annesley, General Manager, Semiconductor
Friday 25 September 2015
NPI: Building a Path to Faster Production and Greater Profitability

Today’s new production introduction (NPI) landscape is dynamic and fast-paced—and many manufacturers are struggling to keep up. What’s weighing them down? 

Kevin O'Marah, Chief Content Officer, SCM World
Friday 4 September 2015
Does supply chain belong at the C-level?

Cost is king, but so is service. For business-orientated supply chain executives, subtleties around when and where costs hit and how customers are affected is too often lost on everyone else. For this reason alone, supply chain definitely belongs at the C-level.

Keith Lawlis, Director, Customer Solutions, Field Operations
Friday 14 August 2015
Value-Based Outcomes for the Extended Enterprise

In the final installment of the series, E2open cloud connectivity expert Keith Lawlis looks at B2B integration investments and how the E2open Business Network delivers value-based outcomes. 

Keith Lawlis, Director, Customer Solutions, Field Operations
Friday 24 July 2015
Flexibility in the Cloud: B2B Connectivity, Delivered Your Way

Do you need agility in your trading partner onboarding, but also flexibility in your B2B services delivery? E2open's Cloud Connectivity expert Keith Lawlis explains the pros and cons of the typical service delivery models.

Sean Rollings, Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open
Wednesday 15 July 2015
New Survey Shows Many Organizations in a Holding Pattern With VMI Program Implementation

new survey from Gatepoint Research and E2open finds that legacy systems are proving to be a barrier not only to successful VMI, but also to actual program implementation. In fact, less than one-third of survey respondents said their organization currently employs VMI. So where do we go from here?

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