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Welcome to E2open Blogs!, an interactive forum where the E2open community can exchange ideas about the latest trends, technologies, and topics of contention in the supply chain world. Here's where we share relevant news, useful insights, industry best practices, and lessons learned in the field—and we welcome your feedback and participation. Comment, ask questions, make recommendations, and collaborate with us to solve today’s most pressing supply chain challenges.

Patrick Lemoine, Vice President, Customer Solutions, E2open
Friday 27 February 2015 0 Comments
Five ways beauty supply chains can handle the shake-up in make up

The cosmetics and beauty market has witnessed dramatic changes over the past two decades, which mirror the various economic, social, and cultural shifts taking place around the world. In this highly competitive marketplace, brand owners are in the constant pursuit of the right strategies to broaden their consumer bases.

Keith Lawlis, Director, Customer Solutions, Field Operations
Thursday 26 February 2015 0 Comments
Intelligent Integration: Managing the Extended Enterprise

What is keeping companies from improving the collaboration and end-to-end integration they feel their business need, when there is significant opportunity for process and operating efficiencies derived through automation and delivered through multi-enterprise process integration?

Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open
Tuesday 24 February 2015 0 Comments
Supply Chain Resilience: Turning Risk Into Opportunity

Supply chain risk is unavoidable, but can be a true source of competitive advantage. Is your business prepared to mitigate the effects of operational risks or a sudden demand spike? Managing supply chain risk means recognizing that things won't always go according to plan, and having the right infrastructure in place to succeed even through the unexpected.

Bob Ferrari, Vice President and Managing Director, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC
Monday 23 February 2015 0 Comments
New eBook: The Case for Tightly Integrating New Product Introduction and Supply Chain Management

The B2B business network has become the new opportunity for fostering stronger business process relationships with suppliers, as well as integrating new product management and introduction (NPI) with product design, collaborative manufacturing design, change management, and supply chain fulfillment.

Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open
Friday 20 February 2015 0 Comments
Supply Chain Laws: Learning Not to Accept the Status Quo – Part 2

It all boils down to this: You can continue to accept status quo – long lead times and calcified processes – or you can change things. You can connect your partners to a real-time S&OP process in the cloud that can reduce lead times, give your suppliers more visibility into what’s really driving demand, and enable them to become more flexible and agile.

Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open
Thursday 19 February 2015 0 Comments
Supply Chain Laws: Learning Not to Accept the Status Quo – Part 1

 I hear this mantra often from clients across industries: “We’ve always done it this way.” Many organizations are hardwired to operate on long lead times, and the acceptance of the status quo as if it were a “law” is holding back so many supply chains. So where do we go from here?

Sean Rollings, Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open
Wednesday 18 February 2015 0 Comments
How the Business Network Turns the Universal Problem into a Global Advantage

In earlier posts in this series, I discussed the universal problem, how to address it, and the need for collaborative planning and execution. It’s time to take a look at the resolution of that need: the business network, which enables organizations to fully realize the advantages of today’s global supply chain.

Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open
Tuesday 17 February 2015 0 Comments
The Six Things Successful Consumer Product Supply Chains Have in Common

Consumer goods companies face significant supply chain challenges, but there are best practices for overcoming them. Our eBook explores six of the key multi-enterprise business processes that are fundamentally changing the way that consumer goods supply chains compete.

Kevin O'Marah, Chief Content Officer, SCM World
Friday 13 February 2015 0 Comments
Planning excellence is about the trade-offs

S&OP is hot when it helps business leaders make their targets, but cold when it’s all about process maturity. S&OP needs management buy-in to succeed, but maybe it’s best to talk about deals and customers, instead of inventory and forecast accuracy.

Rich Becks, General Manager, Industry Value Chains, E2open
Tuesday 10 February 2015 0 Comments
Capital Project Materials Management: A Case for Supply Networks

Imagine the closing scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark: that cavernous warehouse stacked to the ceiling with endless identical boxes. This is the world of capital projects, where supply network complexity goes to the extreme. 

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