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Welcome to E2open Blogs!, an interactive forum where the E2open community can exchange ideas about the latest trends, technologies, and topics of contention in the supply chain world. Here's where we share relevant news, useful insights, industry best practices, and lessons learned in the field—and we welcome your feedback and participation. Comment, ask questions, make recommendations, and collaborate with us to solve today’s most pressing supply chain challenges.

Keith Lawlis, Director, Customer Solutions, Field Operations
Friday 14 August 2015
Value-Based Outcomes for the Extended Enterprise

In the final installment of the series, E2open cloud connectivity expert Keith Lawlis looks at B2B integration investments and how the E2open Business Network delivers value-based outcomes. 

Keith Lawlis, Director, Customer Solutions, Field Operations
Friday 24 July 2015
Flexibility in the Cloud: B2B Connectivity, Delivered Your Way

Do you need agility in your trading partner onboarding, but also flexibility in your B2B services delivery? E2open's Cloud Connectivity expert Keith Lawlis explains the pros and cons of the typical service delivery models.

Sean Rollings, Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open
Wednesday 15 July 2015
New Survey Shows Many Organizations in a Holding Pattern With VMI Program Implementation

new survey from Gatepoint Research and E2open finds that legacy systems are proving to be a barrier not only to successful VMI, but also to actual program implementation. In fact, less than one-third of survey respondents said their organization currently employs VMI. So where do we go from here?

Geoff Annesley, General Manager, Semiconductor
Friday 5 June 2015
Supply Chain Transformation Can Take Years — But AMD’s Story Underscores Why It’s All Worthwhile

Outsourcing doesn’t bring agility or provide competitive advantage unless you also have end-to-end insight into the supply chain. AMD is a testament to the transformative effects of having one consistent view of information across the supply chain. 

Nadjya Ghausi, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, E2open
Thursday 21 May 2015
Gartner Supply Chain Conference 2015: Big Ideas from the Industry’s Biggest Event

We’ve barely been back for a week from Gartner, and my mind is still buzzing with all of the great insights from this whirlwind annual event, where we both participate and present.

Keith Lawlis, Director, Customer Solutions, Field Operations
Tuesday 12 May 2015
Reuse. Integrate. Accelerate. A New Way to Achieve Faster Time to Value

When considering a B2B integration solution, what should be on your wish list? E2open cloud connectivity expert Keith Lawlis explains.

Michael Schmitt, Chief Marketing Officer, E2open
Tuesday 28 April 2015
Ready for a Supply Chain Disruption? Build Resilience Into Your Network, and You Will Be

Sometimes it seems like the only thing businesses can count on is a supply chain disruption, whether it's a supplier going out of business, a labor dispute, a factory fire, or a major weather event courtesy of Mother Nature. How can supply networks remain resilient in the face of unplanned events--even positive ones such as unexpected demand spikes?

Keith Lawlis, Director, Customer Solutions, Field Operations
Wednesday 22 April 2015
What the Heck Is Canonical Messaging and Why Do I Want It?

In facing integration challenges, how can organizations simplify how their applications interact, especially when connecting with multiple tiers of global trading partners with different processes, capabilities, and data formats?

Sean Rollings, Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open
Thursday 26 March 2015
S&OP Execution: Where the Real Action Is

The real action happens between your S&OP meetings - it's time to look at execution. Learn the four actions you can take to get off the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) plateau and accelerate your move up and to the right for timely, measurable process improvement.

Keith Lawlis, Director, Customer Solutions, Field Operations
Wednesday 18 March 2015
The Rise of the Business Network

Does your business face challenges in trading network collaboration and process visibility? Find out more about Supply Chain Business Networks and how these end-to-end value networks in the cloud deliver visibility and collaboration capabilities beyond traditional B2B integration solutions.

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