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Welcome to E2open Blogs!, an interactive forum where the E2open community can exchange ideas about the latest trends, technologies, and topics of contention in the supply chain world. Here's where we share relevant news, useful insights, industry best practices, and lessons learned in the field—and we welcome your feedback and participation. Comment, ask questions, make recommendations, and collaborate with us to solve today’s most pressing supply chain challenges.

Michael Schmitt, Chief Marketing Officer, E2open
Monday 31 March 2014 0 Comments
Real World Lessons in S&OP from Avnet and Radisys

The road to collaborative S&OP can have many twists and turns. For those of us lucky enough to learn from the experiences of others, we can often get a preview to the factors we should really consider – in advance. And when those individuals sharing their views are recent winners of the Manufacturing Leadership Awards from Frost & Sullivan, it’s a rare opportunity to get actionable insights for the rest of us.

Nadjya Ghausi, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, E2open
Friday 21 March 2014 0 Comments
Cloud + Customer Focus + Visibility = The Recipe for HP’s Supply Chain Transformation

When discussing how to get closer to consumers, Pervinder Johar of HP had us think about the speed and agility that is required – whether it’s from new product introductions, new distribution centers or new manufacturing partners – to drive time to market and time to value.  A key ingredient in all of this is the move to real-time information, such as shifting suppliers away from batch uploads and toward a more responsive model to enable quick action on demand signals, removing the liability of excess inventory. So how is such a radical shift possible? The answer lies in the cloud.

Rob Schoenthaler, Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions, E2open
Friday 7 March 2014 0 Comments
The Problem is in the Mirror: A Live Chat on the Future of Direct Procurement

I was a guest panelist recently on an EBN live chat on The Future of Direct Procurement, along with Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters, and host Hailey Lynn McKeefry, managing editor of EBNOnline. We fielded questions from supply chain professionals exploring how to close the gap between current practices and the demands of today's business climate. The entire session transcript may be found at EBN, but I thought I would share with you some edited excerpts of the live chat.

David Vallejo, Vice President, Sales Enablement, E2open
Wednesday 5 February 2014 0 Comments
Gartner’s Update to the Sales and Operations Planning Maturity Model: An Integrated Approach

Gartner’s model for sales and operations planning (S&OP) process maturity has been used over the years for more than simply benchmarking businesses. Without a doubt, hundreds of companies have gone one step beyond and leveraged Gartner’s S&OP maturity model to assess and improve their overall business performance. Given its far-reaching impact, the model also drove technology innovation and process improvements that changed the frame of reference as a whole, requiring a more granular perspective. So when this landmark model changes, it’s news certainly worth considering.

Sean Rollings, Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open
Friday 24 January 2014 0 Comments
Walk the Talk and Commit with Confidence

In my previous blog post, I discussed how moving the trading network onto an integrated, collaborative platform can empower brand owners and their partners to see, share and act on the best possible information in real-time – when plan deviations can still be turned into cost savings or revenue opportunities. I know this sounds too good to be true, but believe it. So, the question is, how do you make it a reality and turn words into action? The answer is Collaborative Planning & Execution.

Michael Schmitt, Chief Marketing Officer, E2open
Thursday 9 January 2014 1 Comment
Setting The Table For Successful Supply Chain Management

For supply chain professionals, the challenges multiply with each passing day. Like everyone else, I see disruptive events such as natural disasters, security breaches, technology failures, political unrest and economic instability in the news 24/7, and these events are greatly affecting today’s global supply chains.

Mark Woodward, President & CEO, E2open
Thursday 12 December 2013 0 Comments
Supply Chain’s Naughty or Nice List for 2013

This is the season when many take the opportunity to reflect and take stock of the year, and to create a new list of goals for the coming year. With that in mind, and since it is the season for sharing, here are some insights to help ensure your organization stays on the supply chain “nice” list.

Rich Becks, General Manager, High Technology, E2open
Tuesday 10 December 2013 1 Comment
Supply Chain Centers of Excellence

The idea behind a supply chain 'center of excellence' (CoE) is to inject innovation into an organization’s culture through cross-functional engagement of key stakeholders who actually know how the business works and where the real opportunities are hidden. 

Sean Rollings, Vice President, Product Marketing, E2open
Friday 22 November 2013 0 Comments
How to Address the Universal Problem? Commit with Confidence

If I promised you lower costs, manufacturing excellence, and access to growing markets to go with it, you’d jump at that chance, wouldn’t you? Well, those are a few of the many benefits that made the world’s manufacturers embrace outsourced manufacturing. While many of those benefits have been realized, serious baggage has tainted the view of this dependency on contract manufacturing and distribution.

Rich Becks, General Manager, High Technology, E2open
Saturday 16 November 2013 0 Comments
The Strategic Role of Direct Procurement

A recent research study by Spend Matters and the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) takes an in-depth look at direct procurement in today's global marketplace. In September 1983, the Harvard Business Review published a groundbreaking article by Peter Kraljic on purchasing strategy that is widely cited today as the beginning of the transformation of the function from 'purchasing' to something viewed as highly tactical to procurement or supply management - as well as very strategic to the business.

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