Don’t Get Trapped Within Your Own Four Walls


The rise in outsourced manufacturing and distribution has prompted a new way of thinking about supply chain management. Instead of focusing solely on internal operations, leaders have broadened their scope to encompass the entire [...]

Don’t Get Trapped Within Your Own Four Walls2019-03-14T09:21:50-05:00

E2open Sales Order Collaboration Data Sheet


A smoothly running, digitized procure-to-pay process that integrates tightly with enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an imperative for minimizing costs and meeting customer demands on time. E2open’s Sales Order Collaboration application automates and streamlines [...]

E2open Sales Order Collaboration Data Sheet2019-03-29T17:34:00-05:00

E2open Buy-Sell Management Data Sheet


When manufacturing or construction is outsourced, materials procurement is often outsourced along with it. As a result, enterprises quickly lose visibility into essential planning and execution data. E2open’s Buy-Sell Management application helps companies regain [...]

E2open Buy-Sell Management Data Sheet2019-03-29T17:36:31-05:00

E2open Allocation and Order Promising Data Sheet


Automating order promising strategies with E2open’s Allocation and Order Promising application eliminates manual reallocations and provides greater stability of promise, leading to a reputation for reliability. Based on a fresh, validated view of available [...]

E2open Allocation and Order Promising Data Sheet2019-03-29T17:36:02-05:00
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