I’m in Aerospace & Defense. How Can E2open Help Me?

Aerospace & Defense

In response to changing industry and market dynamics, many global aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers have increased their level of reliance on partner relationships to supply, manufacture, and service products. To manage international contracts and mitigate supply assurance risks, manufacturers are implementing collaborative processes with partners and confronting visibility issues with connectivity to partner systems. Additionally, to meet service levels and product quality requirements, A&D organizations are striving to streamline supply chain management capabilities, while also lowering costs and becoming more responsive to volatility in supply and demand. Other challenges include:

  • Long product and service contract life cycles
  • Global dependencies for manufacture, service, and logistics
  • Rising materials and transportation costs
  • Increasingly stringent government regulations

The E2open Business Network supports end-to-end demand-supply solutions, and has been leveraged by leading A&D manufacturers to become more responsive to changes in the value network with collaborative capabilities extended to partners. E2open solutions have been implemented to help reduce costs and improve customer service levels. E2open works with A&D manufacturers to provide an integrated demand-supply network for complete visibility, collaboration, and control over multi-enterprise business processes, allowing customers to:

  • Respond to volatile supply and demand levels
  • Get visibility into long lead time parts
  • Optimize inventory programs with partners
  • Streamline fulfillment and service capabilities across partners
  • Understand total landed costs

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