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As supply chains grow increasingly complex, outsourcing to contract manufacturers helps pharmaceutical companies meet consumer demand and financial performance goals. Along with all the benefits of outsourcing, come the challenges of visibility and control across your growing, multi-enterprise supply network. A network platform offers the technology needed to regain visibility and control, providing access to data from all trading partners, the ability to quickly respond to challenges based on artificial intelligence (AI)-driven recommendations, and collaboration with partners to resolve issues together. Building resiliency into your supply chain prepares you for disruptions.

Build resiliency and strengthen collaboration to give your supply chain a clean bill of health


The “Connected” Pharmaceutical Supply Chain for Resiliency and Agility

Hear from Pawan Joshi, e2open’s Executive Vice President of Product Management & Strategy, as he discusses today’s supply chain challenges and how technology can give pharmaceutical companies an edge.


Pharmaceutical and Life Science Manufacturing: Are You in Control?

Due to significant investments in outsourcing to contract manufacturers and other trading partners, pharmaceutical companies have justifiable concerns about losing control and lacking visibility into their supply chains.

Pharmaceutical and Life Science Manufacturing: Are You in Control?

Regain Visibility and Control Across Your Supply Chain

Only a connected supply chain platform with a network at the core can conquer the complex challenges facing pharmaceutical companies. With increased outsourcing of manufacturing, supply shortages, and the challenges of global logistics, e2open’s connected supply chain provides end-to-end visibility and control using harmonized, decision-grade data to help you minimize risk and meet customer commitments.

Visibility and Collaboration
Visibility and Collaboration

Greater visibility across the supply chain enables collaboration with suppliers to address shortages, disruptions, and logistics challenges together. When manufacturers invest in data integration across every tier of suppliers and contract manufacturers, the whole supply chain is ready to deliver on its commitments to customers.

Planning that Optimizes Constrained Supply
Planning that Optimizes Constrained Supply

Planning that gives you greater control over the impacts of supply constraints, such as active ingredients and expedients, which have challenged the industry. Optimizing the use of constrained supply helps create a more resilient supply chain.

Informed Logistics and Automated Global Trade
Informed Logistics and Automated Global Trade

Gain visibility across all transport modes and insight into the impacts of logistics delays, allowing you to respond appropriately when delays reverberate across your supply chain. Automate your export management and eliminate error-prone manual processes to take the risk out of the complex, international logistics experienced by pharmaceutical companies.

Improve Accuracy, Quality and Agility


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