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Looking Ahead to 2020: Global Transportation and Logistics

Gary M. Barraco / Director of Product Marketing 
Learn about the three significant areas of concern for anyone with global transportation and logistics operations and how to overcome them with technology.

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Forecast Collaboration Gives You More Visibility

January 17, 2020|

Unpredictable demand puts undue pressure on supply partners to keep up with the balance of materials and capacity, often incurring the financial burden of producing and storing elevated stock to offset these uncertainties. E2open’s [...]

  • How to Manage the Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ)

How to Manage the Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ)

January 8, 2020|

Often the real reason for manufacturing delays or companies not meeting their on-time-delivery (OTD) goals is because of the underlying product quality problems. If not caught in a timely manner, it ends up being [...]

  • Your Lawfully Incentivized Channel

Your Lawfully Incentivized Channel

December 20, 2019|

The benefits of transacting through a channel are well known. Companies that adopt the indirect channel as their go-to-market avenue can expand their presence in new territories and segments, and also gain access [...]

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