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Get Your Channel Incentives Technology Right

Oana Rusu-Williams / Director of Product Marketing
Take a journey to discover what the right channel incentives technology is for you to manage programs and measure performance effectively.

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  • The Logistics Relay Race

The Logistics Relay Race

November 30, 2021|

Not too many people are familiar with the Ragnar relay races. In these endurance competitions, teams of 12 individuals run various segments (or legs) of a 200-mile race, some teammates running through the night. [...]

  • Time to Go Big on Sustainability

Time to Go Big on Sustainability

November 23, 2021|

The close of COP26 was a bittersweet moment. There has never been so much awareness and urgency to address climate change, yet there is still so far to go. Anyone participating in or [...]

  • Embarking on Digitalization with MSC and E2open

Embarking on Digitalization with MSC and E2open

October 11, 2021|

If there was one thing to learn from the way the global pandemic affected the shipping industry, it was to expect the unexpected. While some experts predicted that reopening economies would cause gridlock [...]

  • What Does AI Even Mean?

What Does “AI” Even Mean?

August 12, 2021|

My last blog post about artificial intelligence (AI) covered some of the technology’s history, including how engineers, scientists, writers and readers all understood the rise of AI would change everything. Decades later, it [...]

  • The Ages of Channels

The Ages of Channels

August 12, 2021|

Sales channels have always been evolving. Historically there were middlemen. More recently, there were influencers. Now, the world is entering the third age of channels: the ecosystems. Each age builds on the previous [...]

  • Good Governance Starts at Home

Good Governance Starts at Home

July 15, 2021|

If your company engages in global trade, you know that you have no choice but to screen every party to an export transaction. Government agencies require you to “know your customer”— as well [...]