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Global Trade Management – Time to Unleash the Potential!

Arne Mielken / Senior Global Trade & Customs Manager 
A global trade management (GTM) solution should address regulatory trade compliance, import and export processes, duty-saving opportunities and more.

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  • The Need To Exceed: The Race To Become An ‘XPL’

The Need To Exceed: The Race To Become An ‘XPL’

December 3, 2019|

Last month, Adrian Gonzalez’s blog post on value-added services for third-party logistics providers (3PL) provided statistical evidence from a survey that supports the transformational trend in the trade and logistics space. Carriers, freight forwarders and logistics [...]

  • APIs and the High Value of ‘Useless’ Data

APIs and the High Value of ‘Useless’ Data

August 15, 2019|

Global enterprises spend a lot of money on technology — up to 7% of revenues go toward hardware and software to communicate, gather, store, curate, and analyze the organization’s data. However, a robust IT infrastructure [...]

Don’t Get Trapped Within Your Own Four Walls

March 11, 2019|

The rise in outsourced manufacturing and distribution has prompted a new way of thinking about supply chain management. Instead of focusing solely on internal operations, leaders have broadened their scope to encompass the entire value [...]

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