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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Cleaning the environment together

Driving meaningful change

We are committed to unifying and optimizing global supply chains through technology and collective actions that improve quality of life, enrich outcomes, and drive meaningful change. We believe that together, we have the ability to enable a supply chain that is smarter, more sustainable, and more resilient with a focus on four key areas: planet, people, platform, and policy.

Our leadership

By connecting companies, local suppliers, and multi-enterprise solutions to the millions of problem solvers and decision makers, we’re creating a global supply chain that’s not just more efficient, but one that’s helping communities thrive.


Our employees are at the heart of what we do. Our diverse and inclusive work environment supports ingenuity and creative problem solving focused on doing what’s right in business, in our communities, and for our planet.


We all have a responsibility to protect and enrich our planet together. We’re working to drive sustainability through all aspects of our business and striving not only for operations that improve and conserve resources but integrate sustainability and resiliency through global supply chain solutions to drive action and change for a better tomorrow.

End-to-End ESG System of Record for Your Supply Chain


As the leader in connected supply chain solutions, e2open is working collaboratively with industry to achieve world changing ambitions by working to connect and support our clients’ goals with decision-ready data built into enterprise solutions that are aligned to sustainability best practices, environmental stewardship, and socially responsible behaviors and governance.


We are enhancing our transparency and accountability on ESG topics to inspire change, reinforce our commitment to positive impacts, and upholds our reputation as a company committed to moving as one.

Support your company's ESG goals by focusing on environmental stewardship, socially responsible behaviors, governance, and secure data.