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Motiver vos partenaires en leur offrant une visibilité sur les fonds de développement de marché et autres programmes d’incitation

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Create, monitor, control, and manage results-driven partner funding and rewards programs for optimal yields. Expect predictable returns on your channel investments with informed program choices, efficient fund management, and attractive rewards for increased partner engagement. E2open Rewards and Funds Management helps you drive partner participation, avoid wasted or underutilized funds, and build loyalty.

Engagement des partenaires et rendements prévisibles et optimisés du channel marketing

Partners either misuse or don’t use your funds

Significant spend shouldn’t bring low or uncertain benefits

With the growing importance of non-transactional partners, offering a variety of market development funds (MDF) and other funding and rewards options may be the best way to influence partner behavior. Yet funds often expire unused, or they’re requested at the last minute without a clear spending plan. Complicated, time-consuming funding processes put off partners. Rewards that don’t match a partner’s role and contribution won’t motivate that partner and often remain unclaimed. Consequently, companies have difficulty identifying effective activities and assessing the returns.

Partners either don’t use or misuse MDF

Drive results with programs that motivate partners

Inspire partners and achieve your goals. Develop, budget, monitor, and manage effective MDF and other funding programs and rewards of any complexity — all at scale for every partner.

Engage partners

Mobiliser les partenaires

Role-based access, personalized communication with partners, simple forms, convenient workflows, and automated reminders all make you easy to work with while increasing engagement.

Choose high-return programs

Choisir des programmes à haut rendement

Visibility into the results of your funded activities helps you identify which programs work and which partners make a difference so you can fine-tune your budget allocations.

Influence local markets worldwide

Influencer des marchés locaux dans le monde entier

You can quickly and easily adapt your global programs to local requirements and language expectations with some simple adjustments and straightforward software configuration steps.

Reduce administration costs

Reduce administration costs

Run market, business, and partner development fund programs and use CO-OP funds, end-user cashbacks, individual rewards, and other types of funding activities on one platform with a full audit trail of the process.

Keep your preferred processes

Conserver vos processus préférés

Flexibility for business process configuration, the availability of varying workflows, support for accruals, and discretionary funding models all add ease and convenience in managing partner funds and rewards.

Predict budgets more accurately

Predict budgets more accurately

Visibility into available funds and budget balances, simplicity in the partner engagement process, and automation help you improve budgeting by avoiding funds expirations, opportunity costs, and ineffective last-minute investments.

Qu’est-ce que rewards and funds management?

Rewards and Funds Management (RFM) est une solution logicielle visant à rationaliser l'affectation, la distribution, le suivi et l'utilisation des fonds au sein d'un écosystème de distribution, en particulier pour soutenir les activités de marketing, de promotion et de coopération réalisées par les partenaires des canaux de distribution. Cette application aide les fabricants et les fournisseurs à gérer efficacement les ressources financières allouées aux initiatives marketing et aux programmes d'incitation mis en place avec leurs partenaires de distribution.

Channel Optimization

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VMware by Broadcom logo

We rebranded e2open Concierge Services as Help Desk Plus and it has become a real extension of our company. The Help Desk Plus has enabled us to meet our partners where we need them and where they need us and make it as seamless and as easy as possible for our partners to go to market for their customers.

Sarah Masessa
Global Partner Platform and Communications Manager
VMware by Broadcom
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La centralisation et l'automatisation de nos processus de contrôle des exportations, et notamment de notre conformité commerciale, permettent non seulement de réduire les risques pour Sandvik, mais également d’ouvrir de nouvelles perspectives de développement de nos activités dans le monde entier.


La collaboration avec e2open nous permet de mieux gérer les délais serrés des fournisseurs, d’abaisser les niveaux de stocks et d'améliorer considérablement leur rotation, tout en réduisant le coût total de possession de nos clients.


Avoir de la visibilité sur la chaîne d'approvisionnement nous donne, ainsi qu’à nos fournisseurs, les moyens de planifier. On peut planifier les capacités, les ressources et les matériaux, et cela permet également de réduire les coûts, car tous ces éléments sont liés.


Avec le système e2open, il ne faut plus que quelques jours pour réaliser certains processus qui exigeaient auparavant une année entière.

Vinny Moscatello

Nous connaissons le niveau de notre stock dans le canal, son état, le nombre moyen de jours de disponibilité, et nous savons s’il faut augmenter ou réduire les expéditions. Nous avons un réel contrôle sur les données du canal.

Mailin Boeker

Avec la mise en place d'un système d'achat international intégré, la société Leggett & Platt s'est assurée de déployer les moyens requis pour mener ses activités d'approvisionnement international en toute conformité.

John Wainwright
Leggett & Platt, Inc.
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E2open compliance capabilities are very important for the Geodis Supply Chain Optimization compliance risk management program. The digital information is key to providing timely and accurate visibility, streamlining our compliance check processes, improving their efficiency and reliability. We’re now very well-positioned for the next wave of growth and ready to offer our customers more value than ever before.

Laurent Rosa

The vision for us is that the core activities of transportation should be running independently and smoothly without any interaction from ourselves so that we can really focus on the additional services that we offer to our customers.

Sebastian Poehl
Head of Global Business Solutions

We want to achieve world-class logistics, with teams able to leverage the best tools to overcome todays and future challenges. The benefits we are anticipating by using e2open’s TMS tool for intercontinental logistics are threefold: standardization, reduction of logistics costs, and end-to-end visibility. This should give us a competitive advantage in the market.

Dan Jianu
Logistics Operations Manager

We consider e2open global trade software as a game changer. It has enabled us to gain in efficiency, follow the evolution of trade rules timely and accurately, and exploit the necessary free trade agreements. It enhanced our overall competitiveness.

Jean-Paul Verschoor
Origin Responsible Manager
Renault Group
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The e2open capabilities through supplier collaboration have enabled Jabil to standardize and digitalize our forecast communication process for all suppliers, providing increased optionality for more efficient collaboration. This is undoubtedly providing us with a competitive advantage, ensuring we have near real time visibility into forecast status with our suppliers and helping us make more reliable commitments to our customers.

Alan Brown
Vice President of Supply Chain, Technology and Transformation
Des partenaires engagés et des dépenses avisées

Make your money count by running effective, results-driven MDF and other funding programs.

Make your money count by running effective, results-driven MDF programs.