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Unlock performance, get closer to customers and capture untapped opportunities with a more predictive, responsive, agile and real-time supply chain. Digital technologies are transforming virtually every sector, accelerating the pace of change and creating a new competitive landscape. Regardless of your industry or where you are in your supply chain journey, E2open® can take you to the next level of customer service and financial performance.

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High Tech

Become best-in-class. We power the world’s most advanced and complex supply chains with end-to-end solutions to drive sustained financial and competitive advantage.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Get an edge in fast-moving markets. Stay ahead of shifting customer demand with real-time sensing and agility that flow from the consumer through all tiers of supply.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Break down silos for a modern and connected network. Rapidly support innovation, anticipate demand and provide an agile response to better serve customers.

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Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Win in a digital world. Step up supply chain excellence with regulation-compliant solutions to capture new growth, boost competitiveness and support acquisition strategies.

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Move quickly and confidently. Leapfrog competitors with a connected supply chain that aligns real-time demand with complex supply, manufacturing and distribution.

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Aerospace and Defense

Strengthen your supply chain. Gain efficiencies, responsiveness and competitive advantage with advanced digital technologies and secure connections to partner ecosystems.

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Oil and Gas

Master volatility. Balance financial and strategic goals to maximize returns, increase efficiencies and gain agility to pursue new business models in shifting markets.

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Logistics Service Providers

Stand out from the rest. Deliver innovative, value-added services for your customers by leveraging our expertise across your end-to-end supply chain.

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Telecom Operators

Stay ahead in a new competitive landscape by getting closer to consumers, realizing untapped procurement efficiencies and further optimizing return on infrastructure.

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Achieve agility in online and in-store execution. Grow your revenue, margin and market share with resilient planning, sourcing, logistics and cross-border trade solutions.

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Any Industry, Any Need

Get ahead and stay ahead. Let us take you to the next level of competitive and financial advantage, regardless of industry or where you are in your supply chain journey.

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