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John Lash

John Lash
VP, Product Marketing

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Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 11:00 AM ET | 5:00 PM CET

What actually happened to supply chain performance during the pandemic in 2020? Is there anything I can do to better manage major disruptions, or even turn them into an opportunity?

These are the questions on the minds of executives and supply chain professionals everywhere. The answers may surprise you. Join John Lash, Vice President of Product Marketing at E2open, to learn what the data shows happened to supply chains during the demand and supply shocks that characterized 2020—and the increased uncertainty that is still with us.

During this webinar, you’ll gain fact-based insights from E2open’s 2021 Forecasting and Inventory Benchmark study, such as:

  • How the pandemic made doing business harder than ever
  • Strategies by global manufacturers in response to this unprecedented time
  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data to manage extreme events
  • Lessons learned to become more prepared ahead of future disruptions—even those at pandemic scale
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