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In the face of a continuously changing industry, retailers are embracing digital transformation with the help of E2open. The impact on the retail supply chain is improved responsiveness, agility, resilience and margins.

Today’s retail landscape is characterized by a blooming e-commerce sector, blurred lines between traditional operating models and greater intimacy between brands and consumers. E-commerce websites number in the tens of millions, and there are billions of online shoppers worldwide. Grocers are offering banking services and making inroads into manufacturing with the growth of their own brands. Manufacturers are opening their own retail stores. Advancements in 5G enable one-on-one connections with consumers using well-targeted and emotionally charged offers.

Competition is intense, with even small retailers accessing a global audience online. Add procurement from across the world, and retailers must increasingly seek much greater levels of control over logistics, upstream planning, sourcing and cross-border trading to minimize their company’s carbon footprint, demonstrate social responsibility and ensure regulatory compliance. Retailers that can capture customer insights, get goods to market faster, keep delivery promises to consumers every time and manage overall costs have a competitive advantage.

E2open is exceptionally positioned to help retailers worldwide adapt their businesses to changing realities and become resilient, agile winners in the digital innovation age. Providing everything from demand sensing to expert planning and execution assistance—whether the need involves promotions, category management, demand planning, logistics, supply or compliance—E2open is a trusted partner that empowers retailers to drive dramatic results on a predictable basis.

Now, with the help of E2open’s network and applications, retailers are transforming their entire supply chains into integrated ecosystems where demand, logistics and supply work together to deliver high performance.

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