Retail Industry

Embrace the power of leading supply chain planning, execution and network collaboration for next-level responsiveness, agility and resilience in the face of disruptions.

Retail Industry

Ongoing supply uncertainty, logistics challenges and shifting consumer demand continue to put retailers to the test. Retailers with a supply chain that can anticipate avoidable issues and gracefully react to unexpected shocks will be the ones that keep winning.

Build Resilience to Thrive and Win

The global pandemic, lodged ships and severe weather continue to inflict their pain on retail supply chains with delayed deliveries, erratic demand, labor shortages and more. No longer can retailers focus on optimizing only within their four walls. Instead, they must embrace the power of the supply chain network to gain visibility that spans the entire value chain and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to better plan and execute with confidence in an unpredictable world.

Agility to Keep Shelves Stocked

Forecast accuracy helps companies ensure that shelves are full enough to satisfy customers without carrying excess inventory. Yet what happens when inventory fails to arrive on-time and in-full (OTIF)? What if demand takes an unexpected spike or dive? Retailers must be able to sense each change early and evaluate their options so they can quickly respond to minimize impacts and maximize opportunities.

Orchestration for an Efficient Flow of Goods

From local last mile delivery to international imports, optimizing logistics and navigating the complexities of global trade compliance efficiently is paramount to competitiveness. Keeping shelves full and maximizing profits begins with navigating complex global trade regulations and policies. Placing inventory in the best spot and meeting last-mile delivery commitments require delicate logistics orchestration to manage the rising cost of logistics and detect potential shipment delays to proactively address those that have the greatest downstream impact.

Strategic Sourcing and Collaboration

In today’s highly competitive, fast-paced retail and brand-focused environments, global sourcing has become an inherent strategy for companies to excel in the marketplace. By streamlining supplier on-boarding and management processes, companies can start the sourcing phase and optimize their supplier selection decisions, including taking advantage of preferential trade agreements. At a global scale, this is only possible through a multi-enterprise supplier and partner network that spans all ecosystems: suppliers, upstream and downstream partners, logistics providers for moving goods and global trade partners for crossing borders.

e2open Named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Global Trade Management Applications 2022 Vendor Assessment

“Global trade continues to grow more fragmented, and retailers, manufacturers and other organizations around the world are in need of software to rein in, unify, and automate processes to enable organizations to speed product to market while minimizing the risk of slowed, halted, or confiscated merchandise, as well as fines. That’s what global trade management applications were developed to do.”

Jordan K. Speer
Research Manager, Worldwide Product Sourcing,
Fulfillment, and Sustainability, IDC

Worldwide Global Trade Management Applications 2022 Vendor Assessment
Business Planning

Confident Planning to Improve Supply Chain Agility

Go beyond traditional planning to address today’s product proliferation, variable demand and market volatility while optimizing financial goals and performance metrics.

Confident Planning to Improve Supply Chain Agility
Global Trade

One Place to Plan, Optimize and Execute Global Trade

Efficiently plan, execute and administer global trade, standardize your processes and reduce the risk of cross-border compliance issues.

One Place to Plan, Optimize and Execute Global Trade

Transportation Management Made Easy

Optimize your transportation spend in an environment of escalating costs on a single platform across all transport modes—ocean, air, rail, road and parcel.

Transportation Management Made Easy

Be ready for what comes next by tapping into our retail expertise. Leverage the power of the network and use AI to better plan, execute and win in an unpredictable world.

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