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E2open has a complete range of applications to address the supply chain challenges high-tech manufacturers face.

The high-tech industry, including consumer electronics, enterprise computing and networking, electronics components and cloud-computing providers, has been at the forefront of supply chain innovation for several decades. Before any other industry, high tech relied on a global network of suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics providers and other partners to design, assemble, ship, sell and repair products. High tech was also one of the first industries to leverage e-commerce. For both the consumer and business markets, constant product innovation remains the driving factor in maintaining competitiveness.

E2open was founded in 2000 by a consortium of high-tech giants as an industry trading exchange. With its roots in the high-tech industry, E2open has a complete range of applications to address the difficult supply chain challenges high tech manufacturers face.

Many leading high-tech manufacturers are leveraging the E2open network and supply chain applications to operate their multi-enterprise supply chains in real time and become more agile and efficient.

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