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Evolution in the midst of disruptions. The automotive industry has some of the most complex, multi-tiered supply chains which only grow in complexity with the industry’s evolution to electrification, autonomous driving, and technological advancement. Add to that the disruptions experienced with production of new vehicles slowing – or even stopping – due to constrained supply of semiconductor chips and other parts. A new approach to collaborative supply chain management is imperative.

Supply shortages and unending disruptions drive the need for supply chain resiliency


Getting connected: Jaguar Land Rover’s journey to outside-In

Learn how Jaguar Land Rover is fundamentally rethinking supply chain management by moving from a functionally organized, sequential inside-out mindset to an outside-in network orchestration. The journey is as much about changing behaviors and collaborating with suppliers as it is about technology.

E2open’s Catena-X Certification Enables Automotive Supply Visibility

As a Catena-X-certified supply chain management (SCM) technology provider, e2open enhances security and collaboration, safeguarding automotive supply chains against disruptions and inefficiencies while demonstrating a commitment to industry best practices.

Analyst Report

2023 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network

IDC named e2open a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network Vendor Assessment, for the third time. As a truly connected network, e2open’s multi-enterprise network provides the ability to plan, optimize, execute, collaborate, and orchestrate between all tiers of partners across all ecosystems.

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Brief Case

Driving success through effective compliance and cash-flow management

Discover how a Japanese automotive leader overcame challenges with storage, distribution, and customs compliance of its imported parts and vehicles in the European market. By implementing a Bonded Warehouse Management solution from e2open, the manufacturer unlocked efficiency, cost savings, and unwavering compliance—optimizing their operations across Europe.

Brief Case

Driving success through multi-tier supplier commitment

Learn how the automaker leveraged e2open Supply Collaboration solution to transform their supply chain by sharing accurate forecasts with suppliers and gaining their commitment to delivering on these forecasts. This commitment-based approach not only enhanced supply chain resilience but also improved agility and flexibility, enabling the company to meet customer commitments and navigate a volatile market successfully.

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Resetting resiliency in automotive

Supply chain executives must embrace a new paradigm to better tackle disruptive events. Visibility into operations and supply chain resiliency are critical for managing the unpredictable and preparing for the future.

Resetting Resiliency in Automotive

Optimized, collaborative planning for constrained supplies and minimized risk

Only a connected supply chain platform with a network at the core can conquer the complex challenges facing the automotive industry. Make the best use of constrained supplies, plan jointly with trading partners, and orchestrate the changes needed as disruptions occur. E2open’s connected supply chain provides end-to-end visibility and control using harmonized, decision-grade data to help you minimize risk and meet customer commitments.

Supply assurance
Supply assurance

Minimize risk with a connected and collaborative multi-tier supply chain providing the ability to see, plan, and act together, bringing countless opportunities to realize improved supply assurance.

Collaborative build planning
Collaborative build planning

Build stability into your supply chain by planning collaboratively with partners, empowering quick, informed, and effective decisions to better achieve service levels, maximize financial performance, capture growth opportunities, and predict material shortages.

Optimized stock and inventory
Optimized stock and inventory

See exactly where safety stock is located across all tiers of your supply chain and optimize inventory to help ensure productive use of capital while building supply confidence.

Informed logistics management
Informed logistics management

Gain visibility across all transport modes and insight into the impacts of logistics delays, allowing you to respond appropriately when delays reverberate across your supply chain.

Collaborative Channel Planning

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Build a connected supply chain

You’re in the driver’s seat when you take on today’s complexities with a connected supply chain for visibility, control, and collaboration.