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Given the increase in electronic content in cars, automotive companies must be able to connect and collaborate with suppliers in real time, a challenge E2open has been addressing for years.

Automotive manufacturers are faced with complicated supply and demand planning challenges – from customizable order options to expanding sales lines to fierce competition from new, non-traditional entrants. To respond to these pressures, automotive companies need a deeper understanding of customer demand to maximize assets and finished goods inventory. By rethinking existing, siloed processes and developing new ones that anticipate demand, companies can react more quickly to the unexpected.

E2open works with leading automotive companies to help them better connect with suppliers and respond to changing regional and global customer demand.

Some of the largest automotive companies in the world have partnered with E2open to support their global growth initiatives.

They are leveraging the E2open network and supply chain applications to operate their multi-enterprise supply chains in real time and achieve more accurate forecasting.

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