Today, the marketplace for industrial equipment faces increased competition and risk, which forces leading industrial manufacturers to address many pressures.



E2open works with leading industrial manufacturers to help them become more responsive and flexible.

After decades of improving their engineering and production functions, industrial manufacturers – such as machine tools and consumer durables manufacturers – are now focusing on the performance of their supply chains. The challenges are daunting: faster innovation, highly engineered products, multiple suppliers across the world, distributed manufacturing with increased externalization, a global business requiring global logistics, aftermarket as a strategic business on its own – all of this in the context of globalized competition and extremely demanding customers. However, with these challenges come opportunities.

E2open works with leading industrial manufacturers to help them become more responsive and flexible to customer demand and meet these challenges through better orchestration of collaboration and processes across multiple tiers of supply chain partners.

Leading industrial manufacturers leverage the E2open network and supply chain solutions to operate their multi-enterprise supply chains in real-time, helping them become more responsive and efficient.


  • Running an increasingly outsourced supply chain, with multiple tiers of supply chain partners


  • Streamlining procurement processes across many partners and/or subsidiaries
  • Ensuring the delivery schedule will be met
  • Forecast Collaboration to exchange forecasts and commits with suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Sourcing & Procurement to collaborate on orders, shipments, and receipts as well as tracks issues with suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Quality Collaboration to ensure the exchange of critical quality information and the detection of non-conformance exceptions with suppliers
  • Inbound VMI to enable various replenishment models with suppliers
  • Dealing with unpredictable demand (aftermarket and consumer markets)
  • Demand Sensing to accurately predict near-term demand by using current information to better reflect market realities
  • Demand Planning that leverages advanced pattern recognition to create more accurate long-term forecasts and automate the planning process to improve planner productivity
  • SalesSight to make it easier for sales teams to provide inputs into the demand planning process through CRM integration and analytics for meaningful insights
  • Inventory Optimization to best position inventory for optimal service levels at the lowest cost and with minimal waste
  • Ensuring that decisions made in mid- to long-term will enable profitable and streamlined execution
  • Sales & Operations Planning for making decisions jointly with internal functions (such as, sales, manufacturing and finance) and external partners (customers, contract manufacturers, and the like), on mid- to long-term actions for operating profitably and avoiding risk, through scenario building and analytics
  • Responding to demand and supply changes as they occur in real-time
  • Constraint-based Supply Planning to automatically generate a best feasible plan that optimally balances supply and demand and maximizes customer service level, with scenario planning/what-if analysis
  • Ensuring efficient repairs and returns
  • Return and Repair solution to handle supply chain activities for returned products

The industrial manufacturing industry needs a platform that can keep track of and coordinate all of the moving pieces and parties that compromise the modern extended industrial enterprise. E2open provides the network that can get the data when you need it, as well as planning and process management capabilities to turn that data into actionable information so you can better meet your customers’ needs.