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Reliability, traceability and responsiveness are mission-critical for manufacturers in the semiconductor industry—and E2open has the right applications to address those needs and improve production performance.

End-to-end manufacturing visibility and control empower semiconductor manufacturers and their extended supply chain to sharpen their competitive edge by improving the speed and precision of manufacturing operations. This includes the entire product lifecycle, from design to delivery, spanning all distributed front-end fabrication and back-end outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) operations.

Automation multiplies efficiencies by doing away with time-consuming spreadsheet reconciliations. Exception-based management helps stakeholders focus on resolving what is important through collaborative workflows. With advanced real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, reduced supplier error, and manufacturing compliance across global operations, manufacturers can control variability in process and quality, realize increased operational efficiency and enhance customer service.

The scalability and agility provided by E2open’s intelligent applications and trading partner network enable semiconductor manufacturers to accommodate capacity variations and adjust production as business requirements change. Deep visibility into quality issues, rapid traceability and commonality analyses early in the manufacturing cycle help companies reduce scrap, resolve issues that could hinder product availability and orchestrate effective and timely product recalls.

Complex manufacturing and production processes require complete visibility and control for maximum productivity. Many semiconductor manufacturers are leveraging E2open applications for everything from manufacturing visibility and design to contract compliance, quality and traceability to increase the overall effectiveness of their supply chains.

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