Adapting Channels to the New Ecosystem Economy

It’s no longer enough to manage just your indirect distributors and resellers. Today, the most successful companies orchestrate all parties involved in getting products to end users. Traditional indirect channels are a thing of the past. Ecosystem-based channels are the future.

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The term “ecosystem” seems to be everywhere today, but what does this buzzword mean when it comes to indirect sales channels? This white paper demystifies the topic by explaining the characteristics of the new ecosystem-oriented economy using simple terms and examples. 

After examining what constitutes an ecosystem and how it differs from the old channel model, the paper gives you concrete recommendations on how to adapt your business to the realities of the new economy.

You’ll also find useful tips on what to look for as you implement changes to help ensure that your company is truly able to take advantage of today’s redefined channel, optimize channel return on investment (ROI) and become a more responsive and resilient organization.

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