Automated Cargo Screening: Best Safeguard for Carrier Compliance and Security

Logistics service providers often face major challenges when navigating through trade regulations. Some of them are due to the Know Your Customer (KYC) program, which requires that carriers identify the end use of all transported products along with both the sender and recipient of each shipment. Shipping illicit goods or failing to meet regulations can have serious consequences, but most service providers lack the time, resources and technology for adequate screening. That’s why E2open has included carrier cargo screening capabilities in its Global Trade Management intelligent application suite.

Automated cargo screening from E2open enables you to avoid costly fines while successfully meeting KYC program requirements. Now you can establish efficient processes to safeguard your company against compliance issues:

  • Sharply reduce time spent on labor-intensive manual processes for cargo screening
  • Evaluate restricted parties with automated in-depth screenings against hundreds of blacklists
  • Leverage the world’s most comprehensive global trade content database
  • Set up a streamlined workflow while demonstrating reasonable care and due diligence
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