Nucleus Research Unveils Control Tower Technology Value Matrix 2022 Recognizing e2open as a Leader

For the eighth consecutive year, e2open is a leader in the Nucleus Control Tower Technology Value Matrix report – ranked the strongest in functionality

AUSTIN, Texas – Oct. 6, 2022 – E2open Parent Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ETWO), the connected supply chain SaaS platform with the largest multi-enterprise network, has been positioned by Nucleus Research as a leader in the 2022 Control Tower Technology Value Matrix for the eighth consecutive year, building on its history as a leader since the inception of the report in 2015 and scoring highest in functionality.

Nucleus defines control tower as “software that grants an organization supply chain visibility and informs execution and planning teams about events within the four walls of an organization’s operations, its trading partners, and beyond.”

In this report, Nucleus provides a snapshot of the market based on how e2open and other vendors are delivering value to customers through the usability and functionality of their offerings and captures their direction and investments to deliver future value. Nucleus highlights how demand swings, supply and labor shortages, transportation delays, and inflationary pressures continue to disrupt supply chains across the globe, driving the urgency for control tower solutions to assess and mitigate risk. In particular, the research underscores the need to quickly align all upstream and downstream supply chain activities from a single user interface or unified platform.

With most threats coming from outsourced operations to external ecosystem partners – such as upstream suppliers and contract manufacturers, downstream retailers and distributors, and carriers and 3PLs – organizations are looking for new ways to gain end-to-end visibility, understand the effect of disruptions, and orchestrate decisions across all parties.

The report notes the following strengths of e2open’s control tower capabilities:

  • Comprehensive supply chain management platform covering control tower functionality across distribution, planning, logistics, global trade, and supply.
  • A single platform where customers leverage e2open’s applications along with embedded AI/machine learning (ML) and analytics to generate data-backed insights, enhance trading partner visibility, and drive operational efficiencies.
  • A network of over 400,000 logistics providers, manufacturers and suppliers, and global trade and channel ecosystem partners, with reusable connections to share information with one another without building additional connectors.
  • The breadth of customer and partner data combined with e2open’s ML algorithms to automate decision-making for customers and maintain an agile supply chain operation that is resistant to supply shortages and transportation delays.

“The past three years have exposed the importance of building more resiliency in global supply chains to manage a seemingly endless stream of disruptions in demand, supply, and transportation. This environment has also exposed that visibility alone is not enough,” said Pawan Joshi, executive vice president of product management and strategy. “While visibility is essential, it is just one piece of the puzzle. Resiliency requires the ability to see disruptions, understand the downstream business impact of events, recommend and take corrective actions, ensure they are executed, and then learn for continuous improvement. This see-understand-act-learn approach is at the heart of e2open’s connected supply chain strategy and helps clients go beyond the basic ‘where are my goods and when will they arrive?’ to answer the business questions of ‘how does this disruption impact my business?’ and ‘now what is the best way to mitigate risk?’. A modern, connected supply chain platform is the true value that e2open provides across all functions and ecosystems.”

The Nucleus Control Tower Technology Value Matrix shows an increased demand from companies for end-to-end platforms delivering control tower capabilities that provide visibility and control to procurement, supplier relations, inventory allocation, production, and transportation processes. E2open meets this need, offering clients the ability to connect to and leverage the scale of e2open’s network platform.

“We’re proud to be recognized by Nucleus as a leader in control towers for eight years running and to support the widest range of supply chain management capabilities on a single network platform,” said John Lash, vice president of product marketing. “For many companies, control tower journeys start with a specific business challenge in either planning, logistics, or distribution. Our platform approach with a full range of capabilities allows clients to meet their immediate needs along with the breadth and depth to grow with them throughout their journey – all the way to digital transformation. This approach future-proofs investments, accelerates transformation plans, and lowers the overall cost of ownership.”

Download a complimentary copy of the 2022 Nucleus Research Control Tower Technology Value Matrix at

About Nucleus Research

Nucleus Research is the recognized global leader in ROI technology research. Using a case-based approach, we provide research streams and advisory services that allow vendors and end users to quantify and maximize the return from their technology investments. For more information, visit or follow our latest updates on LinkedIn.

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