e2open’s Quarterly Technology Release Delivers Consistent Improvement Across All Application Suites

Company expands use of proven artificial intelligence across the platform and new deep learning innovations

AUSTIN, Texas – February 17, 2021 – e2open (NYSE:ETWO), the network for the digital economy, today announced the release of its first quarterly technology update of 2021, with enhancements in all application suites and the expanded use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers make better decisions, reduce business risk, capture new opportunities and continuously improve productivity.

“The improvements in this quarterly release across all application suites demonstrate e2open’s commitment to provide the most comprehensive supply chain management capabilities on a single platform,” said Pawan Joshi, executive vice president of product management and strategy for e2open. “We offer one platform to meet client needs at every stage of their supply chain journey, from improving functional performance to complete digital transformation. The continued expansion of field-proven AI across the platform and new innovations in this release, such as deep learning, are core enablers to capitalize on the wealth of data available through the e2open network from channel, supplier, logistics and global trade ecosystem partners. This combination of advanced AI, end-to-end data and the widest breadth and depth of applications on a single platform are prerequisites for operating today’s agile and resilient supply chains.”   

Some of the primary enhancements in this release include:

Channel Shaping

  • Channel Marketing Automation is now available with the Harmony® user experience. The enhancement provides unified access to data and easy navigation across multiple applications, facilitating business processes and analytics that span the complete supply chain for better informed decisions and improved responsiveness to change.
  • Demand Signal Management has a new executive dashboard available through the Harmony user experience. Stakeholders can immediately view critical operational metrics and the status of execution on their key tasks and can access those tasks from a single place for increased productivity.
  • Channel Marketing Automation provides a new partner locator capability. Brand owners can seamlessly embed this feature in their website to help online visitors find partners who can supply the products and services they need and drive increased revenues for the brand and the partners.
  • Sales Performance Incentives application extends its support for sales performance incentives funds (SPIFs) to encompass the end-to-end partner rewards process. The new capabilities help brand owners motivate their partners’ sales teams and drive further strategic alignment with the brand goals.

Demand Sensing and Business Planning

  • New deep learning AI algorithms for statistical forecasting improve forecast accuracy by finding meaningful patterns across multiple disparate data sources including unstructured data. Higher forecast accuracy enables clients to optimize business planning processes to better capture new revenue opportunities, lower costs or both.
  • New capacity utilization by item reporting helps supply planners quickly identify product-specific capacity constraints before they become issues. These detail-level views improve customer service with higher supply assurance and raise planner productivity by lowering the time and effort to isolate and address capacity risks.
  • Enhanced visualizations for forecast locking within Sales and Operations Planning simplify the complex process of collaboratively editing and locking plans across multiple aggregation levels. Enhanced visibility to locked demand due to customer commitments and promotions simplifies this complex collaboration activity across parties and improves planner productivity.

Global Trade Management

  • The new Easy Classification API leverages AI to automate harmonized tariff schedule (HTS) code classification activities by suggesting classification codes based on a product description. Shippers ensure that international customers are charged the proper duties and taxes without labor-intensive manual processes, reducing order and delivery cycle times.
  • For companies self-filing with EU customs agencies, this release supports the transmission of EU Intrastat mandatory trade data reports. This capability reduces broker fees and ensures accuracy and consistency while meeting compliance standards.
  • e2open’s trade content team updated over 10 million entries in the Global Knowledge® database, ensuring trade compliance transactions utilize the most up-to-date content. These regulatory changes result from the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU, Mexico’s tariff revision, U.S. Section 301 tariffs, other annual tariff changes and product reclassification for numerous countries.

Transportation & Logistics 

  • This release added the ability for users to extract, publish, manipulate and save TMS data in a personal workspace for greater efficiency, productivity and improved user experience.
  • Enhanced ocean geo-positioning capabilities with new data feeds for all active container cargo-carrying ships globally further improve in-transit visibility and the accuracy of predicting arrival times to help shippers better plan activities at (and downstream from) destination ports.
  • To help trucking companies get more accurate and timely information about their container pick-up and drop-off jobs, a new API allows ocean carriers to directly upload their container booking transport orders from their TMS systems to e2open’s container management application.

Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management

  • Enhance traceability for both 3rd party manufacturers and internal operations by capturing additional information related to finished goods warranty, shipments, and manufacturing specifications. Access to more extensive data saves companies time and money while improving customer service and brand integrity.
  • Enhance time to value with simplified workflows to automatically send product forecasts over email to low volume suppliers and logistic providers.
  • Streamline data management and improve user experiences through location master enhancements that provide advanced validation rules. This helps to reduce data entry errors in both transport planning and execution workflows.

Network (E2net)

  • Reduce partner onboarding friction with E2net’s renewed certification of the AS2 protocol from the Drummond Group to enable rapid onboarding of trading partners worldwide. This enhancement reinforces e2open’s commitment to best-in-class network standards and network interoperability.   

Learn More About Product Updates

As a cloud-based offering, e2open consistently brings the best in channel and supply chain management technology to customers.To Learn More about this update, please Contact Us here.

About e2open

At e2open, we’re creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain. It starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply and delivery constraints. Bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics partners, our collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. All this complex information is delivered in a single view that encompasses your demand, supply, logistics and global trade ecosystems. e2open is changing everything. Demand. Supply. Delivered. Visit www.e2open.com.

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