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You can’t fulfill your customer’s orders if you can’t cross the borders.

Let’s face it: Order fulfillment discussions are saturating the media, investor calls and email inboxes as customer orders get delayed. COVID-19 opened Pandora’s box on unpredictable demand shifts and global disruptions, and the Suez Canal blockage and congestion at the South China ports have led to more risks and uncertainties.

Yet, every piece of the supply chain puzzle has to be on the table if you want to take a complete and holistic approach to manage your global supply chain. If your shipments are held up in customs because of trade compliance inaccuracies or missing documents, you are not going to meet your order fulfillment promises to customers.

During the session, hear from global trade and logistics experts on the processes and technologies that can streamline cross-border shipments without delays caused by inaccurate compliance documentation. We will also review the six most common reasons cargo gets held up in customs and how to avoid them.

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