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Webinar with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

Sarah Barbes Humphrey

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey
Founder & Host, Let’s Talk Supply Chain

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Lori Harner Sr. Director Product Marketing, E2open

Lori Harner
Senior Director, Product Marketing

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Join Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, host of Let’s Talk Supply Chain, and Lori Harner, Senior Director of Product Marketing, E2open for a webinar on Control Tower Capabilities – Visibility and Beyond. In a Q&A format, Sarah and Lori will deep dive into visibility and redefined control tower capabilities. Learn how E2open brings all these capabilities together on a single operating platform to give you the data, applications, collaboration and AI you need to reach new levels of agility and resiliency.

This strategic platform is powered by one of the world’s largest networks that connect all tiers of all ecosystems—including internal operations, channel partners, suppliers, and logistics and global trade providers—for true end-to-end decision-making without boundaries or functional silos.

They will discuss some of the problems companies are facing right now when it comes to being agile and equipped for disruption. They will answer questions on:

E2open Let's Talk Supply Chain
  • Knowing what’s going on at every tier in your supply chain
  • Understanding cross-functional impacts
  • Quickly executing on decisions
  • Continuously monitoring and optimizing the results
  • Real-time responses
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