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Gartner EMEA Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo

Harness Complexity, Power Your Supply Chain

Economically, socially and politically, the world has changed. Our ability to navigate through constant disruptions while managing risk and maximizing rewards has elevated the importance of supply chains.

Supply chain leaders have the power to leverage their credibility, confidence and commitment to profitably deliver in times of unprecedented stress and volatility.

At the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2023 conference, we’ll explore big ideas and deliver actionable insights to help supply chain leaders:
  1. Develop agile and resilient supply chain strategies.
  2. Mitigate risk and respond to disruption.
  3. Pursue digital initiatives that drive business growth.
  4. Build talent for the future.
  5. Prioritize technology investments to achieve objectives.


Session Speaker

David Strauss
VP, Strategic Partner & Enterprise Solutions
Moving As One.™

A connected supply chain’s inherent resilient and agile characteristics make it the best approach for all market conditions. This is especially valuable in times of extreme disruptions or constraints to demand, supply or transportation that we find ourselves in today and are only expected to become more pronounced as the frequency and intensity of disruptions and risk events continue to accelerate. Learn how e2open’s connected end-to-end supply chain technology is helping the world’s leading organizations transform.

Session Speaker

Olga Kovaleva, International Transformation Director, AB inBevOlga Kovaleva
International Transformation Director
AB inBev


Bier, Beer, Cerveja, Pivo, 啤酒: How AB InBev Keeps the Beer Flowing

The world’s leading brewer, AB InBev, likes to dream big. From sourcing the highest quality ingredients to honoring local brewing heritage, ​AB InBev operates a global supply chain that is also very local. Join Olga Kovaleva, International Transformation Director, as she discusses her journey ​to connect planning and execution to drive efficiency and orchestration and to advance AB InBev’s commercial strategy.​

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Gartner EMEA Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo

International Barcelona Convention Centre Barcelona, Spain