Five Parcel Shipping Trends That Are Radically Changing the Shipping Landscape in 2022

Gain advantage through the world’s largest network of interconnected partners

The focus is shifting from predictability and efficiency to flexibility and sustainability. Gain a clear understanding of how the landscape is shifting in parcel so your organization can make the strategic adjustments to optimize your shipping capabilities.

Manufacturers and eCommerce organizations are working to future-proof their supply chains.  To ensure their fulfillment workflow is resilient, they are embracing new opportunities and innovations.

In this paper, you will get insights into five trends affecting how to best move forward as an enterprise parcel shipper, and how to stay ahead of your competition:

  • Impacts of the growth of cross-border parcel shipping
  • Where ‘just-in-time’ supply chain processes need to be more flexible
  • How to be nimble in a world where carrier capacity and flexibility influence more and more decision-making
  • How last-mile, same day carriers and couriers fit in your vendor mix
  • Making sustainability more than a mission statement

Ask e2open how your organization can prepare for a changing parcel landscape.

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