E2open Freight Audit and Payment

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Shippers are challenged to manage a costly process to reconcile carrier invoices with services rendered. To get clarity, and minimize labor costs, companies need a solution which gives them confidence, and efficient validation on what to pay.

Shippers are managing supply chain relationships that grow more and more complex. This includes working with trusted vendors and having confidence that the work done is reflected in the payment process. Audit and claim workflows can be labor-intensive, and the tools and technology are a moving target.

In this solution brief, you will get a clear understanding of how e2open can provide the tools and services to make your audit process faster and more efficient and provide analytics to give a clear understanding of important carrier performance metrics.

In this solution brief we:
• Give an overview of how e2open technology can capture carrier invoice data and provide efficient reconciliation output
• Outline integration with your accounts payable process
• Show how the service offering can simplify your claims process
• Clarify how your carrier contract terms can be analyzed alongside carrier usage to provide insights

Ask e2open how your organization can prepare for a changing parcel landscape.

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