Resetting Resiliency in Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing

How can supply chain executives establish a new paradigm to better tackle disruptive events?

Covid-19 has had a wide-ranging impact on businesses. Some faced a tumultuous demand surge and found ways to adapt, while others had to struggle to keep the doors open. Now more than ever before, supply chain resiliency and visibility into operations are critical for managing disruptions and preparing for them ahead of time.

E2open partnered with Tata Consultancy Services to create the white paper Resetting Resiliency in Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing for all supply chain professionals, especially those in the automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors. Download this strategic paper to gain important information from the experts:

  • Vital need for supply chain resiliency today
  • Factors that hinder supply chain resiliency
  • Covid-19 impetus to reimagine supply chains
  • Four steps to establishing roadmap for improved resiliency
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