World Trade Trends

A new world order for supply chains

Prior to the pandemic, supply chains were relatively consistent and predictable. But now, global disruptions are much more common and likely permanent. To stay competitive, brands need to cultivate resilience through building a more connected global supply chain that is in alignment with world trade trends.

Understanding a new world order for the supply chain starts with exploring how world trade trends have altered the pandemic-driven regulatory global landscape. With a better understanding of three key world trade trends, your company can strategically prepare by implementing future-proofing technologies.

  1. The expansion of regionalization
  2. Increasing sanctions and non-tariff measures
  3. Ongoing geopolitical conflicts

The path forward with global trade management (GTM) technology

E2open’s GTM technology can help companies overcome the challenges of world trade trends in three innovative ways:

  1. Advanced analytics
  2. Machine learning (ML)
  3. Fast access to data

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