The past 10 years have brought significant changes to the trucking industry, requiring more agile and responsive supply chains to increase efficiency when executing shipments. Assistance is available from digital freight brokers like Uber Freight, Convoy and Loadsmart, which help shippers find lower-cost spot rates and short-term capacity without the need for a fixed-price contract.

Now shipping can be even easier. e2open’s Transportation Management for Shippers application integrates seamlessly with digital freight brokers to provide comprehensive transportation management system (TMS) capabilities and quick access to instant quotes and bookings. e2open’s platform connects you to a broader network and gives you an open road:

  • Fewer costly and time-intensive manual processes for capacity sourcing and tendering
  • Robust analytics for evaluating shipment performance
  • Lower shipping costs due to real-time market pricing and spot rates
  • Continuous 24/7 access using cloud-based, digital booking capabilities
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