E2open Shipment Bookings and Instructions Data Sheet


When shipping goods globally, companies usually need to use multiple carriers. This means submitting booking requests and shipment instructions across various platforms—and often using emails or phone calls as well. The complicated efforts that are required result in delays and increased overhead. E2open’s Shipment Bookings and Instructions application simplifies the process with a one-stop connection to an extensive global network of ocean, air, truck and rail carriers.

Seamlessly execute multimode shipments through a single portal by leveraging key capabilities like these:

  • Handle all shipment modes with one connection to all carriers and non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs)
  • Allow carriers to receive bookings and respond with confirmations via the same portal
  • Transmit carrier booking requests, shipment instructions and confirmations electronically
  • Create shipment bookings from scratch, predefined templates or existing booking requests
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