Recent studies have indicated that 93% of supply chain leaders are planning to adopt new resiliency strategies, a step that will be complicated by the need to grow and protect efficiencies from designs deeply rooted in current operating models.

In this E2talk, we got to the heart of this challenge and addressed the five strategic needs to grow and protect your supply chain value in and out of periods of disruption.

Based on the breakthrough research published by the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute and Avicon Inc., co-author David Demers and e2open’s Robert Byrne dove into:

  • Assessing value creation gains and losses vs. peers
  • Examining leadership design effectiveness during disruptions
  • Implementing the top 10 agile resiliency strategies
  • Designing an agile resiliency enablement blueprint
  • Adopting innovation learning models to keep pace with disruption cycles


ROBERT F. BYRNE Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions e2open

Robert F. Byrne
VP, Supply Chain Solutions


Guest Speaker

David Demers Co-Founder and CEO Avicon Inc.

David Demers
Co-Founder and CEO

Avicon Inc.

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