Planners can be superheroes and real game changers within their organization.
Why? Because integrated business planning is a supply chain component that can positively impact your entire end-to-end supply chain and help your company gain a significant competitive edge.

If you are ready to deliver a step-change in your supply chain planning performance, it’s time to connect the missing dots by going beyond business planning as a siloed supply chain function and connect your planning strategy with the critical activities and data that exist within your demand and supply ecosystems.

Join Adam and Nari for an exclusive 45 minute conversational webinar to see how next-level integrated business planning can only be achieved if you have the broad, connected business network to deliver the real-time decision-grade data required to make the right decisions and choose the best course of action.

Featured Speakers

Adam Henry
Director, Customer Solutions

Nari Viswanathan, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Demand and Supply Planning

Nari Viswanathan
Senior Director, Product Marketing

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