Due to the pandemic, cross-border e-commerce is primed to accelerate at a rate that no company could have anticipated. While this presents significant opportunities for traditional retailers, brand owners and their logistics partners, it also brings a new wave of challenges. What kinds of trade restrictions will come out of the pandemic? Will we see cargo volumes drop once local stores reopen? What are logistics providers doing to keep up with such high demands?

This insightful panel discussion looked into the future of international e-commerce with, Jeff McDermott, SVP of Transportation Management, GEODIS and Adrian Gonzalez, President, Talking Logistics as they discussed:

  • The key drivers of e-commerce growth
  • Obstacles logistics providers can expect with the rise of cross-border e-commerce
  • How logistics providers like GEODIS have mitigated disruptions and supported e-tailers for cross-border orders


Reinhard Poelzl AVP, Solutions Consulting E2open

Reinhard Poelzl
AVP Solutions Consulting

Guest Speaker

Adrian Gonzalez, President, Adelante SCM/Talking Logistics

Adrian Gonzalez
Adelante SCM/Talking Logistics

Guest Speaker

Jeff McDermott, SVP Transportation Management, GEODIS

Jeff McDermott
SVP Transportation Management

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