Mastering S&OP Excellence: A Manufacturer’s Success Story

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S&OP Excellence 

Discover how a matrixed manufacturer transformed its global operations with e2open

A prominent €11 billion conglomerate in the global building and housing market faced operational challenges stemming from their rapid acquisition strategy. Collaborating with e2open, the company embarked on a transformational journey to modernize its sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes.

They implemented e2open solutions for S&OP, demand planning, and multi-echelon inventory optimization, adopting a crawl–walk–run–fly approach with agile methodology. By focusing on data cleansing, human-centered change management, and local champions, the company successfully streamlined operations.

Download the brief to learn how the company successfully implemented e2open solutions, achieving enhanced supply chain visibility, improved demand planning accuracy, and significant cost reductions. Contact e2open to discuss strategies for global S&OP optimization.

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