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Connected Planning: Solving Modern Supply Chain Complexity

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 | 11:30 AM ET | 5:30 PM CT


Cary ThelenCary Thelen
Director of Product Marketing


Traditional supply chain planning, which relies heavily on stability and historical behaviors, is no longer enough for planners to achieve their goals. Supply chain performance has eroded due to an increase in frequency and scale of both minor and major disruptions from climate, politics, inflation, material scarcity, the pandemic, and more over the past three years. To solve for modern complexity and uncertainty, a new approach to planning is required.

Connected Planning is a strategy that empowers planners to be orchestrators of the end-to-end, multi-enterprise supply chain. Planners can maximize the value of meaningful and comprehensive real-time data with leading technologies to confidently navigate the unpredictability of modern supply chains.

Join Cary Thelen, Director of Product Marketing, for a webinar to learn how Connected Planning can help you:

  • Achieve or exceed core planning metrics including accuracy, feasibility, and timelines
  • Minimize the frequency and intensity of supply chain “fires”
  • Conserve planner focus for proactive, high-value analytical or strategic work
  • Quickly identify and assess threats and opportunities, mitigating risk and preventing delays
  • Make informed decisions with full visibility to upstream and downstream impacts
  • Confidently orchestrate decisions across the end-to-end, multi-enterprise supply chain in real-time

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Connected Planning: Solving Modern Supply Chain Complexity

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