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ICT & Logistiek 2024

From November 5th to 7th, the Royal Jaarbeurs will be the ultimate hotspot for logistic innovation. Here, thousands of decision-makers, experts, keynotes, and influencers will come together to share knowledge and find concrete solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s logistics challenges.

The trade fairs will take place simultaneously with the focus on digitalization, robotization, and data-driven approaches which are the current trends in logistics. These trends are visible in every warehouse, where technology, energy, space, and human resources are utilized smartly. “The future starts here!”

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Session Speaker

Frank Sijpheer
Director, Solutions Consulting
Frank has a rich background in logistics and technical consultancy, with extensive experience in implementing, developing, and selling transport and logistics software solutions internationally. Starting as an expeditor, Frank advanced to roles such as project manager, interim IT manager, and business development manager. Currently, Frank is a Business Consultant specializing in (pre)Sales, with expertise in Supply Chain Management, Transport Management Systems, and software implementation.
Making logistics processes more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective

November 6 | 13:45 – 14:15 | Theatre 2 

The logistics sector is undergoing a digital transformation. Sensor technology, the Internet of Things, collaboration platforms, and real-time visibility capabilities are accelerating this transformation. Logistics is no longer about only moving goods; it’s about collecting, cleansing, and enriching data to uncover insights, make better decisions, and yield better business outcomes. Join us to see how e2open’s Connected Supply Chain Platform is helping LSPs leverage the right data to become more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective.


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ICT & Logistiek 2024

Utrecht, Netherlands

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