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Looking Ahead to 2023: 5 Global Trade Compliance Insights


Suzanne RicherSuzanne Richer
Director, Training
E2open Global Trade Academy



Revised regulations, changing enforcement, and technology advancements are impacting global trade at an accelerated rate. How will this affect your business and what steps are you taking to build your regulatory compliance strategies for 2023?

Join us on December 15, 2022, for a Global Trade Academy discussion on how trends in customs regulations, transportation, port management and more are changing the role of the supply chain and compliance professional and what you can do to create a well-rounded global trade program that will mitigate your company’s global commerce risk.

In Looking Ahead to 2023: 5 Global Trade Compliance Insights, you will:
  • Learn how the 21st Century Customs Framework is reshaping the supply chain, the role of U.S. customs brokers, and freight forwarders
  • Hear how customs agencies are targeting non-traditional players for data and how that changes your company’s risk and liability
  • Find out what to expect from transportation trends and infrastructure challenges
  • Review the need for technology to monitor and manage direct material supply
  • Discover best practices companies are implementing to manage environmental, social and corporate governance initiatives like the upcoming German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
  • Understand the effects of recent cybersecurity attacks and their impact on trade
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Looking Ahead to 2023: 5 Global Trade Compliance Insights