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Supply Chain Transformation Summit

Unlocking the next frontier, where people and tech intersect in the supply chain.

Don’t miss this seminal event. As industry thought leaders, strategists, and visionaries converge to discuss the most pressing issues and trends, you’ll be equipped not just to adapt but to lead in this transformative era. Together, we will script the future narrative of supply chain management, laying the groundwork for an industry more resilient, ethical, and prosperous than ever before.

Plan to stop by our booth to speak with an expert to delve deeper in how e2open can optimize your plans using multi-tier data that respects constraints and takes supply alternatives into account while allowing for rules-based prioritization.

Keynote Speaker


Andreas Brock
Senior Director, Solutions Consulting, e2open
With over 25 years’ experience in the Supply Chain Software industry, Andreas has helped hundreds of customers to digitize their Supply Chain by introducing holistic Integrated Planning solutions. For Andreas, Collaboration with external partners is key for managing complex global supply chains. Located in Hamburg, Germany, Andreas works as Senior Director, Solution Consulting for E2open for over 5 years already. Besides this he is working as a Lecturer for Supply Chain Management.

Building a Resilient Supply Chain through Connected Partnerships
October 17 | 12:10 PM – 12:30 PM | Conference Room Ballroom
In today’s volatile and interconnected global world, supply chain resilience has become a critical priority for businesses aiming to maintain profitability and continuity amidst disruptions. Recent events such as geopolitical conflicts, pandemics, and logistical bottlenecks have underscored the vulnerabilities inherent in traditional supply chain models. Legislative requirements like CS3D and EUDR add complexity to businesses, and companies face potential fines for non-compliance.

To navigate these challenges effectively, organizations must foster robust networks and establish direct connections with their partners across all tiers of the supply chain.This keynote speech will delve into the imperative of building a resilient supply chain through strategic networking and partnerships, emphasizing the important role of real-time data, modern technology, and collaborative relationships to model disruption impacts with the help of AI and Machine Learning to offer alternative solutions in case a disruption is identified – or even predicted.

Join us as we explore how strategic networking and robust partnerships can transform supply chains into resilient, adaptive systems capable of thriving in the face of uncertainty. This keynote will provide actionable insights and practical strategies to help your organization build a future-ready supply chain.

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Supply Chain Transformation Summit

Hamburg, Germany

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