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RILA LINK 2024: The Retail Supply Chain Conference

Retail supply chain leaders are powering the new retail business and building a customer facing supply chain. Consumer and employee behaviors have shifted, reshaping the products, services, experiences, and decisions made by retail leaders. The fully omnichannel retail business demands more from its supply chains with new and variable planning cycles, unique partnerships, and personalized store experiences. From end-to-end, supply chains are more customer-facing, and retailers must utilize the leading edge in data analytics, AI, and technology to deliver.

LINK 2024 brings the entire ecosystem together for retail supply chain leaders advancing new retail and supplying the next demand. And with colleagues working remote or spread out across the country, LINK is the perfect venue to bring your team together for in-person workshops, carrier meetings, and team planning.


RILA LINK 2024: The Retail Supply Chain Conference

Dallas, TX